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last updated on 3 January 2023

For nearly a century, Kent & Curwen has stood as a paragon of authentic British menswear, noted for its classic styling, superb materials and impeccable tailoring, establishing a new blueprint for Kent & Curwen and a fresh take on English heritage for the way men dress today.

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Kent & Curwen was founded in 1926, two years after Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen crossed paths on Savile Row. The brand first made its name with neck attire, supplying ties to venerable universities in Oxford, Cambridge and producing neckwear for the finest clubs in London, the country’s best schools, and all of the British regiments throughout the Empire. Since the introduction of the iconic cricket sweater to its collection, Kent & Curwen has been dedicating staunch efforts to consolidating sporting spirit into its codes of design, offering customers impeccable tailoring in authentic British style. The Three Lions Herald trademark, originally used by King Richard I, underlines the brand’s regal status and royal ties. Kent & Curwen carves a reputation as an avid sports sponsor and a paragon of contemporary menswear, constantly updating the quintessential “new generation British” sportswear through innovative elements, with a view to combining fashion, classic and sport in its designs.

To continue the legacy in the 21st century, Kent & Curwen have taken inspiration from the authenticity of its storied past and created a contemporary wardrobe fit for the modern man. It’s about reworking the classic hallmarks of British sporting pastimes for the everyday, mixing them with menswear staples to form the foundation of the Kent & Curwen look. It’s a unified approach that began with deep research in the archives, finding the traditional pieces and heritage details that will resonate with men today. The team has also reimagined the distinctive Three Lions logo and combined them with the brand name in a style that brings modernity to heritage. The ambition is to create a modern lifestyle brand based on the authenticity of its legacy, something that is identifiable with its history, and instinctively wearable for men all around the world.


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