,  |  13 July 2013

CERRUTI 1881 Celebrates the Many Facets of the Modern Man for CERRUTI 1881 Fall/Winter 2013

What defines a modern man? This season, CERRUT 1881 answers that question with a sublime collection that addresses the many facets of today’s man, who is many things at once: an intellectual at work, a leader on the field of play, and – at all times – an aficionado of the finer things in life.
Intellectual Pursuits
For its most formal line, CERRUTI 1881 pays homage to man at his deep-thinking best. This intellectual range includes one of the season’s most remarkable innovations: the redefined, very modern three-piece suit, which eliminates the vest and replaces it with a sleek, belted topcoat. The suit’s unconstructed, relaxed silhouette is complemented by the supremely luxurious fabric – a classic pinstriped flannel that features a truly modern technological achievement: a weather-resistant finish.
The innovations don’t stop there. CERRUTTI 1881 also embraces new printing and weaving techniques this season. The latter can be seen in a slim-fit two-button suit in French blue that, from a distance, has a 3D-look heather effect. Up close, however, one can see that the jacquard is actually flat, a result of CERRUTI 1881’s cutting-edge weaving technique. Prints, too, are more than they seem this season, especially in formalwear: a charcoal grey suit gets its stripe from a new spraying method; digital printing is used to add a dash of cyber-cool to a velvet dinner jacket; and an embossed leather jacket looks like lizard, but is actually buttery soft lambskin.
CERRUTI 1881 also acknowledges that a thinking man is likely to be one who’s on the go. With this in mind, a number of travel-perfect garments are featured this season, including a grey-toned jacket with a crinkle effect finish and a luxurious mid-length car coat made in super-lightweight cashmere.
Physical Appeal
Of course, no man can spend every minute on intellectual pursuits. CERRUTI 1881 bears this is mind in a dynamic range that shows off the brand’s sportier side, with designs inspired by retro work-wear. Here, the colour range moves from the crisp blue and white of formalwear to earthy olive greens, deep browns and mottled turquoise. Tweedy textures add dimension and enhance the masculine appeal of these clothes. This is evident in a standout two-button jacket crafted from a wool-silk blend. Available in bottle green or grey, the jacket appears to be rough tweed, but it is actually very smooth and luxurious to the touch. Similarly, baby corduroy trousers feature a surface print that adds visual dimension without affecting the absolute comfort of the garment.
Texture is also key in the range of knitwear featured in this collection. Forward thinkers will appreciate a green-grey pullover with a waffle-weave body and a novel combined V-neck and shawl collar.  Cold weather calls for this season’s must-have grey turtleneck, which features a nubby tweed knit on the body and a soft woolen knit across the shoulders – it exemplifies this year’s mixed-materials trend.
The use of multiple fabrications in one garment is indeed important this winter and can be found in a stellar range of jackets and overcoats. Standouts include a duffel coat made from two shades of soft moleskin cotton as well as quilted nylon, an olive green leather jacket with flannel lapels, a reversible leather coat with soft lambskin on one side and waterproof nylon on the other, and an embossed lambskin leather jacket that features a tough-look denim collar.
A Soft Touch
Tough guys have their appeal, but CERRUTI 1881 hasn’t omitted to include a range with something deconstructed and soft for those who truly appreciate life’s finest offerings. This mini-collection features garments in navy blue with burgundy and purple highlights. As one might expect, the pieces are soft, lightweight, flowing and super-luxurious. Comfort is a high priority here as is evidenced by a burgundy pullover, which has fluffy, texture-rich jacquard mohair on the exterior and soft, skin-protecting wool on the inside. Wear it with a leather jacket in dark nay blue with gray flannel lapels and a loose-fit washed-wool trench coat and you’ve captured the romantic spirit.
This luxurious mood is captured in a wide range of garments, from a casual suit in an iridescent dark purple to an extra-long, loose-fit mohair cardigan that is worn like a jacket, to a striking blouson that has been handmade in Italy out of double-faced cashmere in deep burgundy and dark navy blue.
All Together Now
Bringing these looks together and making it possible to mix pieces together with little effort are this season’s accessories, which include a range of cashmere scarves in new floral and monogram prints, wool-silk neckties in tweeds and florals that coordinate with the entire collection, and textured calfskin bags in new shapes and proportions, including a slate gray trapezoidal tote, modern clutches, and a sleek nylon single-strap backpack.