,  |  24 March 2020


CERRUTI 1881’s latest campaign pursues the contemporary interpretation of the house
codes. As the new millennial is turning 20, the House has decided to put Dance at the heart of its communication
campaign to illustrate the visionary creativity of the Maison.

Dance is a universal language, it is an inner expression of the bodies, it also sublimates the suppleness of the
luxury fabrics that are the origin of the brand success.

Fitting with the spirit of the SS20 ready-to -wear collection –a blend of street sportswear pieces and chic tailoring
inspired of vintage ‘80s Cerruti silhouettes worn with a new attitude, the House has set up a CERRUTI dance troop
and created a choreography as the backbone of its SS20 communication campaign.

Swiss Thomas Goldblum, a talented photographer who captures the inner souls of people of the world, grab the
grace of the young dancing talents.

The result is a series of images filled with dynamism and the joy of living, as well as short clips, and videos, shot
by French videographer Pascal Moraiz on a swinging jazzy-latino hip hop, that puts you in the mood for move.