Customer Satisfaction


Product Quality Guarantee

At Trinity, we are proud of our brands’ heritage and we have the passion to ensure our products are of very high quality in workmanship and materials.  We stand by the quality of all our products.  Care instructions are found in all of our products and where appropriate, special cleaning and maintenance instructions are available for delicate products.

Care for Products

As our discerning and valuable customers, we believe you might already be knowledgeable on product care.  As a gentle reminder, we would like to share a few tips below for our garments and leather products.  Should you need further assistance for the care of the products you purchased from Trinity, please feel free to contact our sales associates at any of our stores, and they will be happy to serve you.


Taking good care of garments purchased from Trinity by following care label instructions on washing, and/or special care at all times will help you maintain the quality and length of use for the garment.

While our garments are manufactured with the utmost attention to details and wearability, the following are a few important points worth sharing with you to better maintain the garments.

  1. Pockets are not recommended to be filled excessively to avoid distortion to shape.
  2. Use hangers of the right shape and size to hang jackets, coats and trousers and provide enough space between each garment to allow them to ventilate.
  3. Follow washing instructions strictly.


Leather is a natural material and will have natural inconsistencies.  They require special care and cleaning periodically.  Different types of leather will require caring techniques suitable to the specific type of leather.  Scratches might result from normal wear, and by following the caring instructions specific to the leather products should help you maintain the quality and the length of use for the product.

Our Service Commitment

We are proud of our products and stand by our quality. Service is our first priority, and your satisfaction is important to us.  Should you have any concerns or questions with your purchase, we will be glad to do our utmost to resolve them to your satisfaction.

Contact us with your feedback

We welcome your feedback, and please contact us through our website, or contact our sales associates at any one of our stores. Our sales associates will be pleased to be of assistance.