,  |  22 August 2019

D’URBAN Fall Winter Collection 2019 – Japanese-style craftsmanship reimagines modern elegance in menswear

This season, D’URBAN celebrates “Japanese style Elegance” with its own unique take on functionality and simplicity, innovation and comfort. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese handicrafts – from homeware and art to classic kimono textiles – D’URBAN’s Fall Winter 2019 Collection gives the perennial elegance of the urban gentleman a new lease on life through authentic Japanese craftsmanship. Modernity meets heritage in this exceptional collection, with traditional design patterns and motifs given an urban and contemporary makeover with all the quality and skill that has made D’URBAN the foremost suit-brand in Japan.
Lighting the Dark – gradations of natural elegance mix classic and casual
This fall comes with a new sense of sophistication through subtle shifts in color – gentle gradations of black and grey, teal and purple – which accentuate the tonal unity of an ensemble. Through a unique water-stain printing technique, simple yet effective paper-crane silhouettes adorn this season’s cotton t-shirts with the same vague beauty that suffused the misty rains of Mount Fuji. Traditional Japanese herringbone pattern is modernized and incorporated into a classic yet casual look – respecting heritage while also looking to the future through stylish knitwear and jacquard outerwear. Classic design codes are revitalized for the modern gentleman, which offer a range of fittings and new cuts to bring dignity and respectability back to the workplace.
Renewing Tradition – understated refinement gives dignity a new look
 Winter heralds a return to roots – natural comfort being conveyed through coordinated earthy tones and soft interlining. Natural stretch is combined with Japanese heritage fabric textures to elucidate a sense of both warmth and classy calmness when combined with a palette of deep blues accented with khaki green. Kimono plaid jacquard reversible blouson and origami graphic print shirts unify tradition and modernity, the classic and the casual. Whereas herringbone provides the inspiration for autumn, winter is all about graphic print – inspired by traditional Japanese origami. Folded perfection is expressed through the clean yet soft lines of the pieces.
Urbane Minimalism – interpreting elegance through exceptional fabric
 Minimalism is supremely elegant – a key tenet of the Mobile Collection is a return to Japanese traditional Zen-style design by removing the unnecessary and magnifying the wearer first and foremost. Intricacies are to be found in the heritage textures, the handsome lines, the slim profile – a modern fit which highlights functionality. Warm, comfortable and easy to care for, high-performance fabrics are a key feature here: COOLMAX® gives softness and breathability to the clean and eye-catching urban wear, while 3M™ Thinsulate™ gives technical wear lightweight warmth in one incredible thin package. Less is infinitely more – and despite the outward aesthetic of subtraction, the exquisite fabrics used give this winter a sense of subtle and timeless elegance.