,  |  24 March 2020

D’URBAN Spring Summer 2020 Collection A City Sakura Journey Narrated in Nature-inspired Palette

Spring transforms Japan into a magical world graced with delicate cherry blossom petals dancing in the gentle breeze, compelling busy city dwellers to stop and admire the breath-taking sight. As the warm summer arrives, sunlight starts to create natural works of art by threading through the verdant leaves and spraying intriguing dapples on the passers-by. Inspired by the concept of “Daily Wear”, D’URBAN brings these beautiful views into daily life and fashion, and presents a refreshing and relaxed style enriched by nature.
As a leading menswear brand founded in Japan, D’URBAN is known for its impeccable Japanese craftsmanship and high-performance fabrics that elevate the Asian fits and comfort unconstrained by the regional climate. As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, D’URBAN strives to perpetuate the tradition of excellence with the theme “Inheritance”. Echoing this spirit, the SS20 Collection highlights the elegance of modern gentlemen with shades of soft cherry blossom and warm earthy tones. The subtle kimono patterns, exquisite light and shadows, traditional Japanese geometric motifs and distinctive finishes honouring washi-making craftsmanship revive Japanese traditions through modern designs, infusing the contemporary wardrobe with a unique artistic touch.
As D’URBAN leads us from a bustling city to the sun-drenched streets of Tokyo, it reveals a harmonious balance between work, life and style.
Spring – Traditions Reimagined
Spring breathes new life into the island country as visitors flock to Japan to explore the ancient temples and shrines, and admire the unique artworks and architecture. This season also sees the revival of iconic Japanese style for men. Jackets are adorned with traditional Japanese geometric patterns created by advanced digital printing technology, while the comfortable and lightweight fabrics keep the spring chill away. A natural palette of Washabi Green and Matsuba Green further completes the fresh and refined style.
Summer – An Earthy Touch
The seamless incorporation of classic kimono patterns into daily wear infuses the modern menswear with a sense of romantic sophistication. These familiar prints and a wide array of Japanese emblems are complemented with earthy tones, such as Light Yellow, Elm Wood, and Cream. Crafted with patented SOLOTEX. DRY seersucker, the trendsetting navy shirt jacket is the perfect choice for summer with its elastic and anti-crease texture, and moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. It can be matched with a mercerised cotton logo t-shirt and elastic casual pants to illustrate D’URBAN’s signature modern minimalistic style.
The Summer Vibrancy
The romantic palette of summer is reinvented this season as Sakura pink makes way for Urban Cherry Blossom, while Pastel Green and Ceramics set the tone for summer. Overlapping patterns inspired by light and shadow, as well as the ultra-thin and soft windbreaker in romantic Urban Cherry Blossom complete a sophisticated statement of style and masculine elegance. The versatile and contemporary teal blazer featuring the high-performance and splash-resistant fabric will keep you cool, while the relaxed shorts in matching colour further underline an understated yet dynamic attitude, allowing you to express your confidence in every effortless move.
When Washi Meets Fashion
Carrying on time-honoured Japanese craftsmanship while looking into the future, D’URBAN has been pursuing innovation in design and materials for half a century. Such commitment is evidenced by the new Washi Capsule Collection. Featured throughout the breathable and lightweight items, the precious and versatile washi is applauded for its exceptional breathability, quick dry property and the ability to maintain its shape. The complex production process starts with cutting the washi papers into thin strips before twisting them into yarns. They are then processed by exclusive dyeing factories in Japan using sustainable dyes to achieve the desired colours.
The expertly crafted SS20 Collection manifests D’URBAN’s devotion to traditions and craftsmanship for five decades, and celebrates the essence of Japanese elegance in the most ingenious way.