,  |  17 May 2019

D’URBAN Spring & Summer Collection 2019

Reinventing classic urban wear with refined Japanese craftsmanship
For the spring and summer season, D’URBAN combines Japanese sophistication with an elegant sense of tonality to produce its own take on modern chic. Featuring an eye for detail and functionality that are the hallmarks of D’URBAN’s craftsmanship, the Spring & Summer Collection 2019 is a celebration of the contemporary and a reinvention of the classics for everyday comfort. Traditional Japanese textiles and prints see themselves reinterpreted for the urban gentleman, creating a look that is, on the one hand, light and casual, lively and energetic; on the other, subtle in finish and supremely stylish.
Refined and suave, the urban sophisticate is ready to greet the spring with D’URBAN
With the arrival of spring comes a need to reinvigorate oneself for a season of colour and lightness. Casual sophistication is the key theme of the collection, which combines cool monochrome tones with vibrant accents to suggest urbane dignity, emphasizing poise and refinement, presenting urban wear that is a statement of taste as much as it is a showcase of D’URBAN’s unique sense of style.
Classic Japanese influences, such as Japanese ink painting and traditional weave, have been modernised and interwoven into an authentic business style, whether it be in the lining of a regular-wear jacket or in the intricate business suit made from original material – r.a.s.o – manufactured in Bishu, where Japan prides itself as a hub of wool production.
The springtime is golden with this season’s innovative cool look
Dusty pink and vibrant yellow match textured earthy shades – from khaki and sand to beige and grey – with the subtle finery and harnessed vitality in accents of yellow. Emphasizing comfort and functionality, energy and liveliness take over this section of the collection.
Monochrome and smooth fabrics create an understated sense of elegance that can be found in the details: from the perfectly-fitted cropped pants to the loose tonality of the jacket. A cotton and linen mix blazer in a slim profile is made from light and soft fabrics with a bit of stretch for flexibility that gives off a sense of nonchalance to the wearer. It is matched with a pair of stretchy cotton yarn cuffed pants, creating a casual yet contemporary look. Here, suave comfort becomes the suit in which one greets the world.
Into the summer with elegant D’URBAN’s unique organic line and textured fabrics mix
From lightness into splendour, from spring into summer, the collection reinvents the classic as a new kind of contemporary, combining elegant fabrics, and refined mini-patterns all developed in-house with D’URBAN’s own take on the modern sophisticate, from the lined graphics of a classic-cut coat to the trimmed trousers.
A mix of Linen and natural fibre is used liberally throughout this theme, and combine comfort and stretchiness into a single package, the Japanese-inspired fabrics themselves being uniquely organic. Changing up the palette, darker and more full-bodied colours make their appearance here, with a base of deeper blues and greys being combined with spirited accents of burnt orange and eye-catching vermillion. More formal in tone than the spring of the collection, yet with all the casual elegance that makes D’URBAN stand out from the crowd, this theme makes it clear: D’URBAN’s summer gentleman is here to stay.
Young, handsome and fashionable, the D’URBAN gentleman is out to play in the high summertime
High summer brings out the stylish and the playful, swapping out the heavy fabrics for patterns and lighter inner layers.
Matching fabrics are to be found everywhere – from elegant hold-all tote bags to pants – inspired deeply by the intricacies of traditional Japanese textiles. Elegant lines and three-dimensional graphics create a slick sense of modernity that underpins this theme, and the appearance of shorts in the collection here emphasise the summer style in full. In addition, digital print makes its entrance here, just like advanced digital technique that prevails in modern Japanese culture. It subtly reinvent classic Japanese ink and watercolour patterns for contemporary tastes, and is matched with comfortable yet elegant jackets and cuts that bring out one’s inner aesthete for the everyday.