,  |  1 March 2016

D’URBAN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – When functionality meets luxury

D’URBAN Spring/ Summer 2016

When functionality meets luxury

D’URBAN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection puts its emphasis on modern lifestyles – where functionality meets luxury. This season continues to keep luxury and comfort through modern tailoring, as well as contemporary and functional use of exclusive fabrics, ensuring an approachable line for metropolitan men.
Retro Futurism
This is the century of minimalism – where design is clean and colour is simple. The colour palette is dominated by vintage antique colours in a moderate manner. The colours run from basic black and grey to more eye-catching burgundy and dusty pink, highlighted by coral and teal. The concept behind this collection is to put together modern minimal silhouettes with a retro vintage touch.
Not to be missed in this collection is the idea of one-block styling to create a unique daily look with one single item. The basics are the classic formal suit in timeless grey checkers – styled with a soft cotton dress shirt with a clean finish – which interprets the mix of causal and formal. When summer approaches there is nothing better than a light and comfortable polo shirt matched with multi-printed, bright colour scarf or an on-trend business jacket made of exclusive fabric – Monsoon, by D’URBAN. On that sunny Sunday afternoon take out the brilliant printed shirt and the seasons’ highlight slim-cut jogging pants to create your casual summer vacation look. Bright and comfortable – the collection is a clear interpretation of modern day city style.
Sporty Couture
As we move from spring to summer, the collection is centered on functional sports details – supported by D’URBAN exclusive Water Linen fabrics that guarantee flexibility and breathability, perfectly designed for outdoor activities. Denim blue is popular in the collection, with grey and green highlights.
D’URBAN aim to offer a collection that fits today’s men and are committed to develop a range of innovative blousons and jackets for those who value quality and modern lifestyles. The collection starts with the lightweight reversible water-resistant jacket that’s perfect for traveling. Made from a layer of high quality two-sided fabrics – solid on one side and prints on the other – which is certainly a must-have item for the season. The collection continues with a modern fit hoodie with a detachable hood – the linen hoodie features zippers in the front and the back to increase its breathability and sports flair, making it an excellent and fashionable windbreaker for the season. For a casual look go for a white polo shirt with sporty stripes on the sides of sleeves and a pair of stretchable jogging pants – simple yet stylish. For a sophisticated resort-style, pick up the linen Summer printed shirt with a causal spread collar and a pair of linen pants with a washed effect. Now, you are all set for your next summer vacation.
On top of the modern sports jackets, D’URBAN proceeds to keep its dedication to small significant design details. For example, suits and pants are often classic but with a small twist by adding interesting details such as shell buttons. Shirts are minimal but detailed with contrasting colour lining. One of the key looks of the season is the new seersucker Summer business suit – the look-a-like denim fabric is soft and light making it a perfect material for a summer business suit with a modern touch. Simply put on a minimal polo shirt then you are off to another workday.
Exclusive “Monsoon”
Since its launch in 1997, the exclusive ‘Monsoon” developed by D’URBAN has been loved by many. This thoughtful invention is made for the high temperature and humidity in the Southeast Asia. The fabrics allows heat to release from the inside and block heat from the outside, letting you to feel cool as the summer heats up. The unique material is also silky and light, which makes it a perfect traveling must-have. D’URBAN SS16 collection is expertly constructed with high-quality fabric, ensuring the comfort and functionality of the collection.