The Cerruti brothers, Stefano, Antonio – Nino’s grandfather – and Quintino, found Lanifico Cerruti, a spinning and weaving factory in Biella, a town which lies between Milan and Turin. Originally from the area, they are aware of the benefits of using the exceptionally pure local water source for washing and treating wool. To this day, Cerruti fabrics are produced in these very same workshops.


Nino Cerruti, grandson of Antonio, takes over the family business. He rapidly brings a new dimension to the company, modernizing, rejuvenating and reinventing fabrics whilst maintaining respect for traditional methods. He introduces his first men’s collection in 1957. At the age of 27, he creates a new concept: luxury ready-to-wear.


The line <CERRUTI 1881> and the opening of a boutique situated place de la Madeleine in Paris in November 1967 confirm the success of the fashion house. Nino Cerruti makes Paris his capital; international brand headquarters are set up here along with the prestigious boutique. Reputed for the perfection of his cutting and the quality of his material, the CERRUTI style seduces an ever-increasing clientele. 



The international rise begins with Japan and America. A short time later, in 1976, the line <CERRUTI 1881 Femme> is launchedL the men’s line is majestically revisited to create a racy feminine prêt-a-porter.

In 1978, the house makes a conspicuous entry into the world of fine fragrance with <Nino CERRUTI pour Homme>, the first in a long line of classic perfumes.


Launched in 1980, <CERRUTI 1881 Sport> finds its way onto tennis courts, ski runs and race tracks. For the first time, a fashion house imagines a sports line based on haute couture.

Costumier for some of the biggest names in cinema (Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford,…), Nino Cerruti is awarded the <Cutty Sark Award> on two occasions (1982 and 1988).


The house strengthens its international base, particularly in Asia: CERRUTI is now present in 30 countries. Launched in 1990, <CERRUTI 1881 pour Homme> perfectly reflects the CERRUTI style: a contrasting combination of lily-of-the-valley, ylang-ylang and patchouli; a woody intensitiy (sandalwood, pine and oak); the freshness of cypress; set of by notes of blackcurrant, used for the first time in a masculine fragrance.

This lively and sophisticated scent in its iconic sandy raw glass bottle quickly becomes a classic.

In 1995, the second feminine fragrance <CERRUTI 1881 pour FEMME> consolidates CERRUTI’s place alongside the great perfumers.

The only thing missing now is a line aimed at a young and fashion-conscious clientele: accordingly, <CERRUTI Jeans> is launched in 1995. 


The transformation of the symbolic Madeleine store into the flagship of tomorrow by Christian Biecher, a famous French architect & designer.


In March 2011, Trinity limited acquires CERRUTI.


Aldo Maria Camillo has been appointed as artistic director of CERRUTI.