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01 September 2016
D'URBAN Fall/Winter 2016 Collection - Guaranteed Japanese Quality, True Japanese Style

D’URBAN Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

Guaranteed Japanese Quality, True Japanese Style


Starting with the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, D’URBAN is delighted to announce its participation in the new “J Quality” campaign, which was initiated by the Japanese government to promote Made in Japan products. The “J Quality” guarantee is granted only to products that can demonstrate they were designed and manufactured in Japan at every step of production – from weaving to dyeing to sewing to finished product. D’URBAN is proud to be the fashion brand with the most “J Quality” recognitions.  Customers can look for “J Quality” hangtags on D’URBAN clothing starting this autumn. For more information about the J-Quality campaign, please visit

The pursuit of pure Japanese style and quality runs throughout the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, which explores transitions: from classic to modern and from formal to casual. Relying on the Japanese trifecta of superb technical fabrics, minimalist styling and a masculine palette, the collection is designed to take men from the boardroom to the boulevard to a favorite bar in true style.


Classic Menswear with a Modern Edge

In the first theme of the season, D’URBAN redefines classic menswear pieces. The winter blues palette ranges from dark denim to deep navy to royal blue highlighted by rich tones of green-gray and purple-red. This sophisticated use of color is evident in one of the key looks of the season, which features a quilted jacket styled as a shirt. This multi-functional piece can be worn as an inner layer or as ultra-light outerwear and team it with a mock turtleneck and denim-look cotton-wool trousers in a new slim cut. By coordinating casual pieces with formal pieces, D’URBAN also captures today’s menswear trend. Check out the must-have knit baseball jacket. A marvel of modern technology, it has been created from two fabrics bonded together – a dark denim-look cotton facing and a soft stretch jersey lining. Team this classic causal piece with a sleek nylon jacket and formal pants. The opposite styling also works as shown when D’URBAN pairs a formal, luxurious bamboo-wool blended jacket with all-new jogging pants.


Real-World Style with Military Heritage

For its second theme, Realist, D’URBAN takes inspiration from Army surplus stores, showcasing military-influenced styling and details like raw-edge finishes. The colors include shades of army green, camel and khaki highlighted by blues and grays. The outstanding look from this range is a military coat with a difference: the green leather on the front is bonded with sheared wool on the back. Worn with a cream-colored wool turtleneck pullover, along with slim-cut corduroys pant, the result is a perfect example of today’s technical possibilities meeting timeless styling. Modern technique is also showcased in autumn’s new blouson – an olive green hooded jacket crafted from two fabrics woven together so that they create a unique gradation pattern. The same innovation is displayed in D’URBAN’s must-have winter caban, which transitions from warm wool to sleek poly in shades of gray and with a 3-D effect. Last but not least, D’URBAN’s dark blue causal long coat is created from an exclusive new wool-silk fabric that feels ultra-luxurious. The high peaked lapel, contrasting real horn buttons and raw edge finish make this one of winter’s hottest pieces.


Suited Up

This season’s Suits also show D’URBAN at its leading edge best. Texture and tone replace pattern as the important factors here. This updated approach is clear in a two-piece suit that has a classic silhouette but very modern look thanks to the mélange-effect wool, which gives a denim-like appearance. The knit necktie provides texture and is in the same blue-grey tone as the suit, creating today’s coveted monotone look. Such subtlety is also showcased in the season’s quintessential suit – a three-piece ensemble featuring a jacket with high-peaked lapel and a gilet with a shawl collar, all in mélange-effect wool-silk. It’s formal, subtle and stylish – the perfect choice for serious business.


New “Personal Order” Service from D’URBAN

D’URBAN is also excited to introduce a new initiative: Personal Order service, which gives men the opportunity to choose the fit and fabrics of their clothing that is entirely made in Japan. In selective D’URBAN stores, our front-line staff has been trained by expert tailors to advice on customer for the right fit. Each personal order service has specially made for the individuals. Personal Order allows customers to receive flexible and personalized adaptation. Personal Order rolls out in select stores across Hong Kong in September 2016.

01 March 2016
D'URBAN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection - When functionality meets luxury

D’URBAN Spring/ Summer 2016

When functionality meets luxury 

D’URBAN Spring/Summer 2016 Collection puts its emphasis on modern lifestyles – where functionality meets luxury. This season continues to keep luxury and comfort through modern tailoring, as well as contemporary and functional use of exclusive fabrics, ensuring an approachable line for metropolitan men.

Retro Futurism

This is the century of minimalism – where design is clean and colour is simple. The colour palette is dominated by vintage antique colours in a moderate manner. The colours run from basic black and grey to more eye-catching burgundy and dusty pink, highlighted by coral and teal. The concept behind this collection is to put together modern minimal silhouettes with a retro vintage touch.

Not to be missed in this collection is the idea of one-block styling to create a unique daily look with one single item. The basics are the classic formal suit in timeless grey checkers – styled with a soft cotton dress shirt with a clean finish – which interprets the mix of causal and formal. When summer approaches there is nothing better than a light and comfortable polo shirt matched with multi-printed, bright colour scarf or an on-trend business jacket made of exclusive fabric – Monsoon, by D’URBAN. On that sunny Sunday afternoon take out the brilliant printed shirt and the seasons’ highlight slim-cut jogging pants to create your casual summer vacation look. Bright and comfortable - the collection is a clear interpretation of modern day city style.

Sporty Couture

As we move from spring to summer, the collection is centered on functional sports details - supported by D’URBAN exclusive Water Linen fabrics that guarantee flexibility and breathability, perfectly designed for outdoor activities. Denim blue is popular in the collection, with grey and green highlights.

D’URBAN aim to offer a collection that fits today’s men and are committed to develop a range of innovative blousons and jackets for those who value quality and modern lifestyles. The collection starts with the lightweight reversible water-resistant jacket that’s perfect for traveling. Made from a layer of high quality two-sided fabrics – solid on one side and prints on the other - which is certainly a must-have item for the season. The collection continues with a modern fit hoodie with a detachable hood – the linen hoodie features zippers in the front and the back to increase its breathability and sports flair, making it an excellent and fashionable windbreaker for the season. For a casual look go for a white polo shirt with sporty stripes on the sides of sleeves and a pair of stretchable jogging pants - simple yet stylish. For a sophisticated resort-style, pick up the linen Summer printed shirt with a causal spread collar and a pair of linen pants with a washed effect. Now, you are all set for your next summer vacation.

On top of the modern sports jackets, D’URBAN proceeds to keep its dedication to small significant design details. For example, suits and pants are often classic but with a small twist by adding interesting details such as shell buttons. Shirts are minimal but detailed with contrasting colour lining. One of the key looks of the season is the new seersucker Summer business suit – the look-a-like denim fabric is soft and light making it a perfect material for a summer business suit with a modern touch. Simply put on a minimal polo shirt then you are off to another workday.

Exclusive “Monsoon”

Since its launch in 1997, the exclusive ‘Monsoon” developed by D’URBAN has been loved by many. This thoughtful invention is made for the high temperature and humidity in the Southeast Asia. The fabrics allows heat to release from the inside and block heat from the outside, letting you to feel cool as the summer heats up. The unique material is also silky and light, which makes it a perfect traveling must-have. D’URBAN SS16 collection is expertly constructed with high-quality fabric, ensuring the comfort and functionality of the collection.

01 August 2015
D'URBAN Fall/Winter 2015 Collection - Relaxed Elegance

                                                                                D’URBAN Fall/Winter 2015 Collection
                                                                                               Relaxed Elegance

This season, D’URBAN presents a collection made for modern dress codes and an on-the-move lifestyle where the elegance of formal suits meets the relaxed attitude of casual wear. Through rich colors, bold patterns, luxurious textures, and high-function details, D’URBAN Fall/Winter 2015 represents a new approach to menswear.
Autumn’s palette of tan, dark brown, purple, navy blue and burgundy leads to a winter of tonal grays, black and white – all perfect for this season’s modern look.

Elegance with a modern perspective
For Fall/Winter 2015, D’URBAN employs luxurious fabrics, rich colors, and classic patterns akin to those seen in the film “Grand Budapest Hotel”. The look harkens to a time of civilized social interaction, prestigious settings and refined manners.
The patterns are macro versions of menswear classics such as herringbone, houndstooth, Prince of Wales check, and bird’s eye check. Look no further than the D’URBAN suit in navy blue houndstooth, with modern details like its large-scale print, soft shoulder construction, patch pockets and vintage-look buttons. Or, opt for the houndstooth jacket on its own - a perfect mix-and-match piece for autumn layering.
The relaxed refinement theme continues throughout the outerwear collection: A new hybrid blouson features elegant suiting details such as its jacket-style lapel, button closures, and chest pocket. It is also evident in a remarkable flannel blouson with jacquard sleeves – an original fusion of materials. Likewise, this season’s must-have leather blouson brings together rich fabrication with impeccable detailing – in this casem butter-soft leather and a clean, minimalist silhouette.
D’URBAN’s casual pieces also reflect a dedication to refinement. A cardigan is no simple sweater when it showcases a variety of knitting techniques and a sophisticated mélange effect. Similarly, a quilted jacket features the silhouette of a classic suit jacket along with this season’s hot menswear pattern and a very modern “puffed” look.
For this season’s suits, the cut is slim and the fabrication is new. A first for D’URBAN, the corduroy suit brings together a quintessentially causal fabric with a classic two-piece silhouette. The result is a model of modern business-casual dressing.

Casual with a retro edge
As the cold weather settles in, style heats up with more merging of refinement and relaxation. The season’s outwear star is a casual quilted caban, which creates a swaggering silhouette when worn over a suit. In charcoal gray mélange-effect wool, the caban cleverly fuses a traditional menswear fabric with sporty styling and details such as gunmetal-finish hardware, a detachable hood, mesh lining, and performance sportswear trim.
Prints come up again in unexpected places like a dark navy blouson crafted from a luxurious houndstooth jacquard. The unique weave adds texture and a dash of daring to a simple silhouette. The pattern also features in D’URBAN’s houndstooth-embossed leather biker blouson, available in autumn’s hottest hues: deep burgundy and dark navy.
Elsewhere, a flannel blouson with jacquard-jersey sleeves and sporty three-needle topstitching offers an exciting juxtaposition between knitwear, sportswear and a casual jacket. Likewise, a simple flannel jacket is the perfect piece for transitioning between business and casual – pair it with slim trousers in a windowpane check, a classic pullover and a gem-toned scarf to capture the look of the season.
Always popular, shearling is back, too. This year, D’URBAN introduces for the first time a sumptuous ranch coat, made from double-faced sheepskin and available in dark navy blue or earthy beige. Shearling also returns in a shorter blouson-style jacket, which has a minimalist silhouette designed to showcase the luxurious materials.

01 March 2015
D'URBAN Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

D’URBAN Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


For spring/summer 2015, D’URBAN continues to emphasize modern city life, with a collection that unites functionality with comfort and style. Taking inspiration from the changing facets of nature, D’URBAN explores urban jungles and sunset deserts.


Jungle City

Cities are where the natural and the manmade come together in subtle ways – office ferns, tree-lined streets, landscaped parks and so on. Such meeting points are the influence behind the prints, patterns and colors of D’URBAN’s spring/summer collection with its tonal botanical prints and jacquards, subtle animal patterns, natural fabrics, and a monotone palate of grays accented by red, beige and green.


The concept is perfectly illustrated by three standout pieces worn together: a black leather jacket, a printed shirt and white trousers. The jacket, made from ultra-soft napa leather that is both subtly sophisticated and fashion-forward. Worn with an abstract-botanical print shirt in tones of gray and white cotton trousers that taper slightly at the ankle, the result is comfortable, cutting-edge chic for the urban man.


D’URBAN further explores modern lifestyle with a series of innovative blousons. The first, in tones of gray, features a unique mix of fabrics and a new design detail: a jacket collar, which brings a contemporary twist to a casual wardrobe staple. Second: a brilliant new zip-front blouson in black jacquard that has a detachable hood and other adjustable details, which create a perfect outdoor collocation throughout the season. Third: an exciting new reversible blouson made from a single layer of two-sided fabric. Solid on one side and subtly printed on the other, this must-have piece is lightweight and sleek.


Matching the innovation seen in its outerwear, D’URBAN also reinvents cargo pants. No longer bulky and unflattering, this season’s six-pocket pants feature interior pockets and slimmer silhouettes, creating a new summertime staple.


Sunset Desert

Away from the city, D’URBAN also takes inspiration from the expansion of the deserts during a time of climate change. For summer, the colors shift to sand, sun and sky, while the prints have an Arabian influence and the lightweight fabrics are designed for summer’s heat.


Echoing the desert’s colors, the season’s most coveted casual jacket is in sandy beige with tan detailing. Its double-layer placket can be zipped or buttoned closed, with the amber-colored buttons picking up the desert color scheme. The jacket’s extra “gadget” pocket is one of the season’s hallmarks and demonstrates D’URBAN’s continuing commitment to functionality. Worn with this season’s jacquard polo shirt, dark denim jeans and a multi-print scarf, this is the perfect jacket for updating and upgrading summer casual wear.


For High Summer “Monsoon”

For summer, D’URBAN is also expanding its very popular High Summer range, which was specifically developed for executives in Southeast Asia whose wardrobes must cope with high heat and humidity. Monsoon is a thoughtful invention and an exclusive development by D’URBAN in 1997 specially for the Asian Market. Already available in DB (D’URBAN Basic) and DA (D’URBAN Advanced), the collection now also includes the new DG (D’URBAN Glamorous) cut, which gives a slim look and emphasizes masculine shoulder lines.

The High Summer range is always made with minimum construction using natural fabrics. This season’s suit fabrics give a nod to classic menswear and include tonal stripes, windowpane checks and vintage plaids. The collection not only captures the retro mood of modern menswear, it also lets you look and feel cool as summer heats up.



15 August 2014
D'URBAN Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

D’URBAN Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

D’URBAN has been forging ahead with expanded collections, technical innovations and forward-thinking design. The progress continues for Fall/Winter 2014 as D’URBAN presents a collection that brings a touch of Baroque to business and casual wear and adds an explorer’s edge to the urban wardrobe.


Modern Folk

The word Baroque evokes a time of ornate art, splendid clothing and an opulent lifestyle. D’URBAN takes Baroque elements and uses them to create a modern folklore through colour, texture and print this season. Adding a dash of Baroque is a subtle yet effective way to update the wardrobe at D’URBAN man. To present the characteristic of modern folk, D’URBAN adds one colourful element on the garments and accessories, such as a shirt, necktie or scarf which created from floral prints, gem-toned checks or wallpaper-inspired patterns. The Baroque elements shows up in the season’s perfect go-to navy and burgundy checked jacket with red lining, paired with contrasting check trousers and causal inner wear on exposing the mood of relaxation. Another prime example is the red brushed-cotton trousers that feature leather trim, clever double pockets, and a floral jacquard lining. D’URBAN also sought out updated versions of classic menswear patterns as found in a slim-cut herringbone jacket with its modern mélange-effect fabric and relaxed look.


Urban Mountaineering

D’URBAN has also updated casual wear this season with a collection that combines mountaineering elements with modern city style. The result is a range of pieces that are as practical as they are smart-looking – with details like earphone clips in outerwear, water repellent fabrics, and detachable pieces that allow you to change your look as the weather and the occasion dictates. For example, a quilted down coat in forest green with knit collar, detachable hood and innovative details like an interior “carry on belt” that lets you wear the jacket like a messenger bag when the weather turns warm. Opting for a three-piece suit in beige, the fine fabric, rich colour and monochromatic look exudes modern masculinity.

To create a theme with lifestyle retaining in the urban city, D’URBAN also specially highlights the outerwear this season, an on-trend camouflage blouson with leather collar and cuffs plus a functional hanger patch design which is inspired by the back patch. Another example is a shawl-collar jacket in dark forest olive green with detachable knit collar and oversized patch pockets.

A hi-tech bonding technique allows a sleeker quilted look and variations in the quilting pattern, such as the inner knitwear layer can be clearly seen the pattern which has been pressed into the outer leather.


Throughout the collection, D’URBAN has employed bold ideas, innovative styling and technical mastery to make this an amazing and truly approachable season for menswear.

01 March 2014
D'URBAN Spring/Summer 2014 Collection - High-Summer Suit Season

D’URBAN Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

 D’URBAN makes headlines this season with the expansion of its popular High-Summer Suit Collection, a new silhouette for business jackets and a collection that salutes both the 70s and the urban resort style.


High-Summer Suit Season

D’URBAN announces an exciting return of its acclaimed High-Summer Suit Collection in Greater China Region this season. High-Summer Suit is a thoughtful invention and an exclusive development by D’URBAN in 1997 specially for the Asian Market. By creating clothing microclimate, High-Summer Suit facilitates ultra high breathability, moisture permeability and thermal conductivity. The trademark fabric releases inner heat and block UV from outside.  Being light, soft and smooth, firm in shape and stylish, High-Summer Suit is a functional solution for smart-looking urban men. SS14 High-Summer Suit Collection carries on the innovative spirit by adding new fabrications such as silk, mohair and a silk-linen blend in rich patterns and color palettes. 

To pair with the High-Summer Suit collection, D’URBAN is also launching Ice Cotton business shirts which are made from a fantastic patent fabric that is cool to the touch thanks to triangular fibers that do not lay flat against the skin.


Glamorous D’URBAN

D’URBAN celebrates the introduction of a new silhouette for its business jackets. “D’URBAN Glamorous Cut” is slightly longer in length, wider across the back and narrower across the chest with a hint of Italian flair in details such as the gentle curve of the chest pocket. The cut offers a slimming effect and a smart modern look which enhances the masculinity of sophisticated urban gentlemen.


70s Influence

For its Spring/Summer 2014 collection, D’URBAN draws inspiration from the “Up with People” feeling of the 1970s when fashion, music and culture embraced new ideas and free expression. Prints, palettes and silhouettes show a modernized hint of the 70s style. The safari jacket, a staple of the 70s wardrobe, is presented in updated variations that take advantage of modern materials and slimming silhouettes. One fine example transforms the safari jacket into a blazer with slit pockets on the chest, patch pockets trimmed in faux leather, and a stand-up collar. Accessorized with a fringed scarf in gold yellow, the look is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Geometric and paisley patterns are spotted elsewhere in the collection with a focus on casual shirts, polo shirts and T-shirts while the worldwide preference for checks continues with a range of suits, jackets and trousers in sophisticated check patterns. Linen and mohair give a natural look and comfortable feel to tops, jackets and trousers. Jacquard lends texture to polo shirts, causal jackets and even suits.

The boxy linen-cotton blouson with wash-effect checks and the water-resistant jacket with large-scale checks and mesh inner pockets showcases how D’URBAN puts a modern spin on wardrobe classics.


Urban Resort

D’URBAN has also included a range of pieces inspired by sporting pursuits, particularly on the seas. Details like rope trim, drop loops, and draw cords add a touch of nautical panache, while a palate of grays and white accented by blue and tan captures a modern marine spirit. This subtle nod to yachtsman elegance can be found in a sky blue blouson that is lightweight and casual but also subtly sophisticated, with details like sleek snap closures, a mesh-lined hood, and a non-slip drawstring at the waist. D’URBAN plays with notions of casual and dress-wear by offering a shawl-collared cardigan worn like a jacket with charcoal grey dress pants, a dress shirt in deep purple and a paisley scarf.



15 August 2013
D'URBAN Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - Reinterpretation of Sartorial Styling and Men’s Detailing

D’URBAN 2013 Fall Winter Collection

Reinterpretation of Sartorial Styling and Men’s Detailing


For Fall/Winter 2013, D’URBAN brings together sophisticated sartorial styling and classic craftsmanship and details with a modern twist. Capturing the spirit of modern dressing, the collection is a showcase of the most important trends in menswear this season: high-contrast coordination, retro details, and Old World skills.


Contrasting Ideas

This season D’URBAN takes a smart approach to wardrobe coordination, using contrast in unexpected ways. For example, while the autumn palette is tone on tone – ranging from black to pale gray accented by shades of blue, the mix of styles adds dimension and originality. A prime example is a grey twill business jacket and matching vest worn with decidedly causal pieces: charcoal grey woolen cargo pants and a sleeveless quilted down vest.  Conversely, one can also wear a very causal outfit in an ultra-tidy fashion, i.e. a business shirt and necktie teamed with slim woolen trousers, a striped knit pullover, and a quilted blouson.

This use of contrast can also be found in single garments, such as the standout winter coat made from a combination of matte grey wool and shiny black nylon.  While the woolen body harks back to classic menswear fabrics, the nylon placket and knit collar add dimension and a contemporary twist.


Skills on Show

Throughout the collection, D’URBAN displays an unerring way with craftsmanship, bringing back many of yesteryear’s most prized menswear skills. For example, quilting takes a starring role this winter with D’URBAN presenting a new spin on this Old World method.  A hi-tech bonding technique allows for a sleeker quilted look and variations in the quilting pattern itself are possible – which can be clearly seen in the reversible blouson in light tan, which features a geometric zigzag effect on the front and a contrasting brown wool back panel. Reverse this clever piece to display a check in this season’s muted tones.

In a nod to Italian leatherwork, D’URBAN showcases its way with leather in numerous pieces, including a luxurious ¾ length shearling coat that features black leather piping and a fur collar. Supple leather also serves as the facing on the inside of the season’s most eye-catching piece, a shimmering navy blue calfskin coat with hidden buttons and a sleek silhouette. Continuing with the contrast motif, its sophisticated look coordinates perfectly with a thick gray jumper and casual wool trousers in rich burgundy.

D’URBAN also celebrates craftsmanship by reintroducing a hand-stitched look that adds an air of retro sophistication and a beautiful finishing touch to such pieces as a slate gray suede coat with pick-stitch trim along the sleeves, front placket, pocket flaps and collar. This trend also shows up in the season’s perfect go-to jacket in dark gray with burnished buttons and a timeless silhouette. Wear it to work or on the town with trousers in classic camel or trendy dark orange.


Back to the Future

Apart from employing time-tested craftsmanship, D’URBAN has also captured this season’s retro moment. The winter’s most striking suit, shown in brown, is a three-piece ensemble that brings back a wider, peaked lapel and slanted flap pockets. It is the perfect update on a Seventies classic. 

Similarly, D’URBAN has added a vintage-look crinkle-effect to its denim trousers and it has updated the classic button-front cardigan, which features a retro colour scheme – grey tones and navy blue trim, but also boasts high-tech detailing such as the tri-patterned weave used for the cuffs, waist and pocket trim.

All told, D’URBAN’s modern take on classic techniques, retro styles and coordination makes Fall/ Winter 2013 an especially exciting season for menswear.



01 April 2013
Notification of Personal Data Use in Direct Marketing

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continued support on D’URBAN.

D’URBAN would like to inform you that there are changes to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance regarding the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes that came into effect. However, these changes will not apply to personal data that we have been using before they come into effect including personal data of our corporate customers (i.e. individuals’ personal data collected in their official capacities).

D’URBAN intends to continue to use your personal data to provide you with information about D’URBAN (including latest news and promotions).

If you no longer wish to receive information from D’URBAN, please write to us at the following address or by email to or by fax to (852) 2951 4437.


Customer Service Department


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Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at (852) 3411 1548.

Thank you for your attention.


Yours Faithfully,


06 March 2013
D’URBAN 2013 Spring Summer Collection - Classic Elegance and Modern Innovation

For Spring/Summer 2013, D’URBAN invites men to rethink modern dressing. Inspired by vintage fabrics and silhouettes, D’URBAN presents a collection that evokes the best of the past while showcasing today’s most innovative construction and design.


Look Again


With a simple palette of gray, black, navy blue, and browns alongside classic patterns such as Prince of Wales, gingham, and hounds-tooth checks, D’URBAN explores the best of retro style but with a very modern twist. Case in point – the spring’s signature hounds-tooth jacket, which has been updated with a slim fit, painted matte black buttons, and an interior half-lining that both harkens back to classic construction and makes the garment very lightweight. Typical of the entire collection, the jacket easily coordinates with other pieces – such as a colourful scarf, a wrinkle-free dress shirt and today’s must-have trousers: 6-pocket cargo pants with no side seam that are chic enough to wear everywhere.

Another clever update on a classic style is this spring’s leather jacket. Its vintage biker silhouette is an old school favourite, but this is a modern must-have, crafted from soft charcoal grey leather and featuring matte black trim and a waterproof zip. The stylish “hole-punch” effect across the shoulders provides ventilation, while the double-faced leather provides a smooth surface both inside and out meaning no need for weighty lining.

Lightweight construction is also the hallmark of an outstanding navy blue blazer. It is made from a unique double-faced fabric that features a dusky red gingham check on the inside that is visible through the sheer, navy blue wool on the face. The dazzling effect adds dimension and a dash of designer flair.


Rose-tinted Glasses


This season, the D’URBAN collection has a rosy glow – with heather gray and dusky pinks adding a discreet injection of colour throughout. Pink accents crop up in everything from the pinstripe of a business shirt to the faded line of a check. The heathery hue takes centre stage in one of the spring’s most eye-catching ensembles: a dark pink blazer that can be worn as a suit with matching trousers or as a trendsetting separate with beige chinos.  The jacket has a number of noteworthy details, including painted metal buttons with an embossed D’URBAN logo, and a super lightweight fabric that evokes the slubs and weaves of raw silk.

Also riding the texture wave is this season’s only three-piece suit. D’URBAN reached back into its archives to find the beige twill that has been reinterpreted for this remarkable suit. The jacket features a vintage-look peaked lapel, also new for this spring, as well as flap pockets, and a classic two-button silhouette. Its worn with a matching vest and trousers.

Last but certainly not least, D’URBAN has updated one of its most popular items: the convertible jacket. Not only has D’URBAN created a convertible jacket in leather for spring, but there is also a fantastic casual jacket that epitomizes the clever two-in-one design. Wear it formally by zipping it up and allowing the collar to stand, or keep it casual by folding down the collar into a notched lapel and using the buttons. The washed cotton fabric, which features a micro-check pattern and a subtle heather colour, can also be found in matching shorts and trousers.


Kylie Choi
Marketing Officer
Direct:  +852 3411 1548
Fax:    +852 2951 4437


15 August 2012
D’URBAN Fall/Winter 2012: Retro Style Meets Modern Sophistication

For fall/winter 2012, D’URBAN brings together the best elements of retro style with the latest in high-functionality and sophisticated design.

New Jacket Required
This season D’URBAN takes a fresh approach to the winter wardrobe by modernizing classic designs. For business attire, this means updating the traditional three-piece pinstripe suit by using the very latest fabrics, in this case a lightweight wool with a subtle stripe in heather grey that gives a modern mélange effect. Its styling, too, is completely modern –with a single-breasted silhouette, slim fit and peaked lapel.

Similarly, the business jacket has been updated. Softly constructed, it has a comfortable jersey lining, rounded pockets, and newly introduced painted metal buttons that are embossed with the D’URBAN logo. For more formal occasions, opt for the dark blue version with heather grey Prince of Wales check – it’s a wardrobe essential. Otherwise, reach for the blazer in distinctive burgundy cashmere. When worn with a silk pocket square, soft, heather grey baby corduroy trousers and white turtleneck sweater, this jacket truly captures the Italian “Dolce Vita” style.

Another noteworthy trend is the return of leather jacket. This season D’URBAN introduces two distinctive versions, the first in eye-catching burgundy nappa. Its simple block-fit silhouette is given an effective update through the use of texture – in this case, a spliced-in embossed pattern used for the body of the jacket that subtly contrasts with the smooth nappa of the sleeves and collar. The second leather jacket is equally noteworthy and perfect for wearing over layers of soft knitwear. In olive green nappa, the jacket captures the retro mood of the 1960s military field jacket, but also boasts modern touches like epaulettes and magnetic buttons.

Take Comfort
Texture is another key for fall/winter 2012. From soft brushed-cotton trousers to jacquard shirting, and slub-weave denim pants, variations in texture add modern flair to simple silhouettes.  But texture also means soft and comfortable clothing like the eye-catching crinkled herringbone jacket. Its soft construction and half lining lend it an easy fit and air of effortless chic, especially when worn with white denim pants, an olive green checked sweater and a casual plaid shirt that features dress-shirt construction.

An olive green quilted jacket picks up both the texture trend and this season’s new earth-tone palette. The jacket has a number of standout features including diagonal stitch-work for the front quilting, a soft flannel lining for extra warmth inside, and the brown wool tweed used for the back. It also exemplifies functionality thanks to an innovative water-repellent membrane and its waterproof zipper.

Similarly, the 2-in-1 casual coat is a piece with an array of noteworthy features. Inspired by classic trench coats, the waterproof coat has an eye-catching iridescent lining, an added under-arm panel to facilitate ease of movement, and a detachable woolen vest with tucked-away hood.

Check, Please
Capture the spirit of “modern-retro” dressing by adding a dash of pattern – especially checks. The perfect example is this season’s star product, the updated trench coat. Made from wool that has been treated with a water-resistant membrane, the double-breasted trench coat harks back to classic designs with such features as D-rings on the belt loops, an elegant shoulder cape, and a back vent with button details. The trench coat also boasts many modern touches including a unique double collar that can be worn in multiple ways and a detachable flannel vest, which has Thermolite® padding inside for extra warmth.

The check trend can also be seen in separates like the go-anywhere ensemble of black denim-look woolen blazer, black knit vest, heather grey flannel shirt with a knit collar, and a pair of must-have glen plaid trousers that echo the wit of retro British tailoring with their oversized check pattern and comfortable fit.

Adding the perfect finishing touch to each ensemble is a great range of accessories. Soft double-faced scarves and plush cashmere mufflers pick up the texture trend, subtly patterned silk neckties underscore the tonal-grey theme, and natural-colour rubber soles add a dash of modernity to classic dress shoes and suede loafers

01 February 2012
D’URBAN goes back to technical roots with functionality in Spring/Summer 2012

In Spring Summer 2012, D’URBAN returns to its technical and high-function roots with a collection that showcases the technically advanced, truly innovative and fine fabrics of Japan and Italy.

D’URBAN demonstrates its knack for creating clothes that bridge the gap between formal business wear and casual attire this season. A new color story is introduced in this season – shades of blue that range from the darkest navy to the coolest ice. Look for powder blue neckties, checked scarves, and a spring time standout: a double-breasted blazer in bright ink blue. The denim story adds a touch of refinement to causal dressing to D’URBAN in this season. The collection also features a range of essential pieces in a palette of eye-pleasing earth tones.