"Kent and Curwen is time-honoured British dressing with a modern slant, evidenced by superior fabrics, carefully cultivated silhouettes, charmingly spiced colour palettes and visually engaging design details."

15 August 2017
Kent & Curwen Autumn/Winter 2017

Speaking across generations, it is the soul of Kent & Curwen that defines the house as inherently British.

Begun as a conversation between Creative Director Daniel Kearns and business partner David Beckham, this is a collection that allows real men, no matter their background, to show character and style. 'It is that sense of modern life blended with a shared history that defines Kent & Curwen today' says Kearns.

Appropriation and interpretation are crucial to the collection. Like today’s self-made man discovering a treasure trove of memorabilia, the past shapes the present, and the present interprets the past.

Outerwear is central. The signature great coat is in the heavy, original olive wool fabric worn by officers in WW1 whilst archival college stripes line collars and plackets of fitted tweed topcoats.

Utilitarian, army and country jackets styled from aged cottons are reworked in masculine proportions paired with deep pleated peg trousers in aged crushed cotton / linen for structure and texture.

A pleasingly heavy cotton twill is shaped into old white tunic shirts, with or without detachable collars. Heavyweight checks and tartans are washed and distressed for a weathered appearance.

The silhouette of the frock coat and blazer is deconstructed and topstitched to create a more casual tailoring solution, dressed up with a military peg pant or with jeans and a nicked-edge T for a more casual appearance.

The house's long history of knitwear innovation continues with nicked merino fine gauge pieces, aged and patched fair isle jumpers, hand-knit cables with laddering and oversized cricket sweaters in creamy white emblazoned with bands of colour on the hem, cuff and neckline.

Reworked vintage patches taken from the archive bring a sense of nostalgia for sporting clubs and memorabilia – on a collegiate blazer, zip-up knit or a varsity jacket with aged leather sleeves.

Colours for the season are rich and washed – senape, khaki, collegiate burgundy, petrol and Royal blue – inspiration taken from the brand's archive of club and university ties.

Respecting the brand's sporting pedigree, the Three Lions and the English Rose, both longheld symbols of the brand, are to be found proudly placed on aged rugby shirts and tonally across the collection in signature detailing.

15 January 2017
Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2017


For Spring/Summer 2017 Kent & Curwen Creative Director Daniel Kearns in partnership with David Beckham has created a wardrobe made up of masculine pieces that are both relatable and resonant of true British style. The focus is on the re-appropriation of British classics and the influence of the brand’s rich history and unique heritage, which spans 90 years, refreshing them and reimagining them for a contemporary lifestyle.

British sporting and regimental traditions, so synonymous with the Brand, have been reinvigorated by using the heritage stripe motif in a contemporary knitted bomber jacket and knitted sweaters as well as details of under collar and plackets, offering a subtle nod to the brands beginnings while keeping a strong modern attitude.


The college blazers are reinvented in deconstructed single and double-breasted shapes and top stitched like work-wear. The regatta motif is featured here again in exclusive stiff cotton or as a subtle under-collar detail. A new style for summer is the ‘shacket’, somewhere between a blouson and shirt it’s the perfect modern summer wardrobe staple. In subtle cotton seersucker when matched with trousers in the same cloth creates a sophisticated casual summer look while when cut in large sky blue and white stripes creates a strong relaxed summer statement. The casual trousers are cut slim with subtle side adjuster details creating a modern silhouette. The collection also features several shapes of shorts from a tennis length in regimental stripes to Bermuda shorts in seersucker.


Kent & Curwen staples are updated including the hooped and raw finish rugby shirts and T-shirts re-worked and authentically stonewashed for a vintage effect and elevated through embroidered patching on the chest, a nod to old school collegiate style featuring the signature 1926 Rose patch and famed Three Lions, to elevate an off-duty outfit and reaffirm Kent & Curwen’s ties to its English heartland.


A collection of pieces with roots in English tradition that fits seamlessly with how men around the world dress today, continuing to find new inspiration from its history.


The collection is now available at all Kent & Curwen stores and KENTANDCURWEN.COM.

01 August 2016
Kent & Curwen Autumn/Winter 2016: A Starring Role


Admired by men and desired by women, the movies’ most iconic leading men have long been an inspiration for the fashion-conscious gentleman. Inspired by modern film icons, premium British menswear brand

Kent & Curwen’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection sets the stage for a season in which every man takes a stylish starring role.


Drawing inspiration from the silver screen, the new collection pays homage to the effortless charisma of legendary leading men through three distinct moods. Running the gamut from modern urban sophistication to rugged country style to versatile pieces that combine exceptional functionality with classic elegance, the eclectic collection brings a touch of movie star glamour to every man’s wardrobe.


Urban Luxe


For the modern man, the ability to transition from day to evening, and from casual to formal, is a must; the new collection offers a metropolitan look designed to adapt to the fast-changing city lifestyle. Anchored in a moody palette of black, navy blue and shades of heather grey, accented with bold hints of dark purple and neon pink, it's a look that – like all great movie stars – is both of the now and utterly timeless.


With its heavy zips and classic silhouette, the lambskin leather biker jacket is the epitome of rebellious elegance. Wear it with five-pocket jeans featuring a hint of stretch and a grey Italian yarn mouliné scarf with black stripe in 100% merino wool to complete the look. For a sportier feel, combine the lightweight running jacket in striking purple with navy camo printed sweatpants and the season’s essential polo shirt. Last but not least, the striped poly blazer, which doubles as a modern blouson, is a chic wardrobe staple for the man on the go. Pair it with a purple merino sweater and classic pinpoint oxford shirt with mouliné rib collar for a perfect snapshot of urban cool.


Country Cool


Drawing on Kent & Curwen’s British heritage, it presents a look engineered to complement a rugged outdoor setting. Featuring hues of navy blue, black, olive green and this season’s hot “pop camo” print in neon green, it's the perfect modern expression of the classic country style.


Highlights of this look include a versatile dark olive green field jacket that pairs perfectly with a double-pocket denim shirt in raw indigo, and a neon “pop-camo” puffer jacket with detachable hood, zip pockets and water-resistant finishing. For a cool yet casual expression of the country vibe, the punch-hole baseball jacket with a layer of laser-cut black poly over a neon green lining is just the ticket; set it off with autumn’s signature T-shirt featuring Kent & Curwen’s Three Lions motif in an abstract camouflage print or a classic commando sweater made with Thermocool™ yarn to regulate body temperature.


Modern Classics


Kent & Curwen draws the curtain down on the season with a selection of elegant modern classics that are always in the spotlight. Drawing principally from a sophisticated palette of black, chocolate brown and heather grey, the collection combines classic British tailoring with a touch of movie star élan to create wardrobe staples with a timeless edge.


Outerwear is the star of the show here, as demonstrated by the plaid wool jacket with lambskin leather sleeves and pockets and a shearling collar, which pairs perfectly with wool dress trousers in classic black and a fine gauge cashmere sweater in mouliné blue. Paying homage to a naval classic, the double-breasted pea coat in warm black wool with leather shoulder detailing combines with a button-up chunky high-necked sweater to create the perfect storm. There’s an all-star cameo from Kent & Curwen’s reversible dark chocolate shearling jacket, irresistible paired with a cricket collar shirt in dark gold, while the quilted houndstooth bomber offers the perfect blend of seasonal functionality and movie star charisma.


As a leading light for the season, Kent & Curwen’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is the perfect portrayal of gentlemanly grace and elegance, and the ultimate expression of casual sophistication for the man who always makes a memorable entrance.


03 March 2016
Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2016: Consortium of Athleisure


Inspired by the British military details, English fashion brand Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is about active men that fly up to the sky and dive deep in the ocean – smart, sporty and chic – made for today’s modern men.


Athletic Luxe

The best to train the physique in an army, Kent & Curwen commences spring with a collection that combines functional material and details designed for runners, creating your comfortable yet fashionable look.

A navy sweater inserts a strong sports accent with a striped armhole highlighted in white, half-zipped neck and pique texture. Made of cotton, a vivid blue cobalt crew neck tee guarantees comfort.

This collection also includes a 3-layers sports jacket that is technical and functional. The water-resistant piece uses high-quality waterproof material that accommodates the raining season. Zippers and a layer of mesh are equipped to ensure extra breathability during exercises. Fashion details around the collar upgraded the style of this outerwear.


Marine Chic

A collection that brings performance wear and up-to-date knitwear together; main colours include black and silver, as well as contrasting bright red.

A reversible red blouson is the season’s must-have. This 3-in-1 jacket’s reflective strip details on the sleeves confirm the extra sporty element. On causal days, match it with the classic pique polo shirt of grey-blue-red stripes, and a pair summer-friendly linen track pants that have elasticized waist and cuff, conveying the sporting pleasure.

Another highlight is the reflective silver running jacket that will definitely catches attention on the track. The functional waterproof front zipper and hoodie is perfect as a fashion-forward piece; again, the extensive range of polo shirts in the collection will be one of your favorite picks to mix-and-match with the shiny outerwear.

For men who are active and always on-the-go, a high quality flea jacket that is flexible and functional is essential. Against strong wind and rain, especially in the ever-raining London, the jacket is seamed by glue to decrease the possibility of water leaking. Not to mention the interior of the jacket is designed with breathability details, a nylon waistcoat that can be removed depending on the weather, as well as a removable hood for the style. The jacket will be your perfect travel partner in any extreme weather. Or, pick up your classic to-go formal black blazer with a versatile blend of cotton and nylon in any occasions for a sharp and fresh look.


Navy Envy

Navy and white, with an accent of brilliant yellow and occasional nautical stripes, the collection is inspired by naval uniform, but not in the lack of sportsmanship.

A reversible navy nylon jacket with hexagonal reflective prints on the inside, providing you a choice of going solid or prints depending on your mood; it goes with a round-neck stripped t-shirt with a yellow highlight on the chest, as if it is cheering for the energetic hot summer. For a bolder choice, go for a reversible yellow nylon barracuda jacket that is designed with sophisticated navy pipping and trimming attentive to details. A pair of suit pants is suggested to build definitive flair to this look.

More key looks include the typical modern blue sport coat that is made of wool and linen, the ideal fabrics for summer. The jacket has a slim silhouette that fits perfectly a well-trained man. The key to the look is the blue navy water camo printed sweatshirt that is not only on trend but comfortable. A pair of suit pants agreeably echoes the spirit of  “when sports meet high-fashion”.


Air Force

Flying and looking down from above, you see land of green and brown. This is how the color palette constructs in the collection – you will see a warm palette of earth tone, contrasting summer black, surplus green and lavender, as well as tropical-inspired floral prints, assembling a vibrant collection in summer.

The collection starts with a unique olive green nylon jacket that is carefully mixed with cotton linen that is convenient during hot summer time. Matching with a pair of black linen track pants that is carefully designed with an adjustable cuff hem, the look immediately transforms from the work-day formals to weekend causal smart.

Light-colour is always the no wrongdoings in summertime. This cream bomber jacket that is made of the summer-friendly cotton and silk is assuredly to impress. Light, bright and fresh-looking, the jacket’s stripped piping on the sides of sleeves highlight the sporting theme of the season. Put on the round-neck white t-shirt that its graphic is purposely designed in a reversed triangle form - so delicate that you must fall in love with; as well as a tan-coloured cuffed chino that put up today’s athletic daily look. As pleasant as the chino, here comes an earthy colour cotton blazer – soft and light for you to move around in summer. 


22 February 2016
Kent & Curwen Appoints Daniel Kearns As Creative Director

New Appointment To Oversee All Collections, including The Brand’s Partnership with David Beckham.



Hong Kong 22 February 2016. Trinity Limited  (SEHK: 891), a leading retailer and owner of high-end menswear brands in Greater China and Europe, today announced the appointment of Daniel Kearns as Creative Director of its British sporting brand Kent & Curwen. In the role, Daniel will lead Kent & Curwen’s creative team to deliver collections that tap into the growing opportunity for sports-related men’s fashion in China and internationally.   He will also partner with David Beckham in the development of a collection inspired by the global sports icon.


Daniel previously worked as Artistic Director at Façonnable, the French heritage sportswear firm, where he elevated the brand refocusing on a more sophisticated audience and secured distribution in premium specialty stores. In October 2015, Daniel received acclaim for his capsule collection based on late artist Jean Cocteau, which evoked the cultural heritage of the French Riviera. He previously worked as Design Director for menswear at Alexander McQueen in London and at Louis Vuitton in Paris. -Daniel holds a Masters in Menswear from the Royal College of Art.


Mr. Kearn’s appointment to Kent & Curwen follows the signing of an exclusive five-year agreement which will include David Beckham playing a multifaceted role in driving the brand’s business globally, including creating a collection inspired by his vision. Mr. Beckham was involved in the selection and appointment of Mr. Kearns, and will now partner with Daniel to deliver a collection that embodies his unique style.


David Beckham said: "Daniel is a talented and accomplished Creative Director with an impressive track record working for some of the leading menswear fashion houses in Europe.  We believe he's a fantastic addition to the team.  I look forward to working with him closely to realise our vision for Kent & Curwen."


Chief Merchandising Officer for Trinity Limited Cody Kondo remarked: "I am delighted to welcome Daniel to the Kent & Curwen family, and his appointment forms a key part of our wider investment in the brand’s long-term future. He brings years of experience working with world-class talent which will enable him to drive growth, building on the brand’s strong heritage.”


Commenting on his appointment, Daniel Kearn said: “I’m thrilled to take on the role of Creative Director at such an exciting time for Kent & Curwen. I look forward to partnering with David Beckham and the Kent & Curwen executive team in order to engage the brand’s rich British heritage, while building on its tremendous popularity in China and launching the brand worldwide.”


12 August 2015
Kent & Curwen Fall/Winter 2015: Distortion of Iconic


Fall/ Winter 2015 marks the return to a clear and precise vision for Kent & Curwen: truly elevated modern sportswear. Through identifying and carefully retooling the iconic men’s silhouettes, such as the peacoat and the bomber amongst others, a forward thinking yet grounded collection is born. The “Distortion” of these styles, whether in the form of unexpected garment fabrications or single breasted topcoats that appear as double breasted, creates a highly desirable coherent direction for Kent & Curwen.


Luxe Sport

Building upon the established brand DNA of hexagonal quilting, and a strong use of pattern/ scale, new emphasis is paid to the classic polo, leather jackets and knits. Luxe Sport focuses on the Hi-Lo combination of wearing Tailoring with Sportswear and merges athletic silhouettes with premier fabrics such as sweatpants with cashmere trim and Milano stitch knit jackets with nylon; resulting in a versatile, modern day uniform.


The hooded tracksuit in grey is worn over white polo shirt to override the old sports cliché. The art of tonal layering is elevated by the dark grey down vest, with a fashion-forward renewal of the sports statement by replacing trainers with the stylish high rise boots. Black parka jacket, the iconic sportswear, creates a richly layered look with the zip-up windbreaker and loose-fit pants. The head-to-toe style in black is cleverly touched up with the white shirt to define sleek chic for menswear. Colours continue to take centre stage, with the art of colour coordination coming alive in the wool tracksuit in tonal grey. Crafted from a collage of fabrics, the black jacket is matched with black leather boots to complete a perfect combination of sport and luxury.

Modern Estate

Modern Estate provides a program of essentials and sportswear for a more contemporary aesthetic. Outerwear cut from English tailoring cloth, and is tonally layered to back the suit, introducing “The New Three Piece” – a true distortion of an icon. Touches of manipulated Liberty floral are seen on jumpers and shirting, and are double printed/enlarged for an exaggerated effect. The formal/sport distortion theme continues in a vignette of styles that encompass these opposing worlds in a front/back combination.


The peacoat, one of the season’s staples, is elevated by the sophisticated zipped pockets. Subtle styling draws together the unstructured jacket and tailored pants to accentuate the relaxed yet lively air. The heralded leitmotif of the seasonal look is featured on the catchy Liberty floral print top. New silhouette marks out the slouchy pants, to be styled with the traditional blazer for a fresh sensibility. Two-way pockets and inner pockets add to the volume of the down jacket in grey, exemplifying the easy yet contemporary style. The tailored blazer makes a polished styling choice for a weekend date, to be finished with the dark blue tracksuit in high neck design for a modern take on sportswear.


Evening Regalia

Evening Regalia invokes military accents in evening jewel tones with definitive lines and textural signature patterns. Single breasted officer’s coats are distorted and appear as Double breasted, and the hexagon motif appears again as an enlarged graphic ideal for E-Commerce shopping– introducing a new dimension of stylistic quality to the brand.


The black woolen coat with eight silver buttons gives winter a military shape. The mixed-texture knit jacket, worn with cotton pants, finds its way easily into every occasion from day to night. For a breakaway from the formal look, the unusual combination of white shirt and jogger pants brings a modern and versatile edge to the daywear. Black leather jacket with hexagonal quilting makes an effortless yet stylish transition to a more formal occasion by night. Leather jackets, another winter staple, come in burgundy and refined details including two rows of parallel stitches on the collars and shoulders for a military touch in coordination with the black leather shoes. Worn under the jacket are knitwear and light grey jeans, typifying the versatility of the brand’s styling lexicon with a touch of relaxed elegance.



About FW 2015 Campaign

The advertisement campaign video was shot in White Cliffs of Dover, one of the most recognizable landmark in England. The brand invited highly acclaimed fashion photographer and film director – Sebastian Faena to shoot for this season’s campaign video.  Having rich experience in capturing different moments of celebrities and models, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion were also shot under the camera of Faena.  Simon Nessman and Imogen Waterhouse, who were from British Columbia and New York respectively, acted as the cast of the video.  Being one of the most popular male model in the world, Nessman topped the list of Sexiest Men and Top Icon Men on  Playing the role of love of Nessman’s life, Imogen Waterhouse was also listed as one the most irresistible women by Tatler.


The White Cliffs of Dover embodied the Britishness of the brand and the outdoors. The sea collided with the cliffs, marrying the outdoor life and the freshness of the English countryside.  Nessman and Waterhouse spent a romantic weekend together, guided by their curiosity and charged by their courage, they explored the White Cliffs and created different romantic and effortless scenes that were true to Kent & Curwen’s brand DNA.  The campaign is completed by a unique piece of background music written exclusively for Kent & Curwen, echoing with the new perspective defined by the brand.  

25 January 2015
Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 2015 Marks its 6th Iconic Year


Wednesday, January 25, 2015 – This year marks the 6th year Kent & Curwen has hosted the  annual Centenary Sprint Cup, which once again reinforced the association between the British luxury menswear brand and the royal sport of horseracing. Illustrious attendees at the much anticipated social event included the brand’s two esteemed ambassadors, former Liverpool footballer Michael Owen and Cantopop star Aaron Kwok, alongside 200 eminent guests and VIPs such as Ms. Olivia Lee Davies, Mrs. Lianne Lam, Mr. Brian Li, Mr. Eric Fok, Mrs. Irene Ho and Ms. Miki Yeung.  


Since the 2009/10 Season, the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup has become more and more successful every year, with the range of respected guests attending including local celebrities and socialites, royalty and international athletes. Indeed, each year, the event has generated many indelible memories and significant moments.


Like always, the prestigious event this year celebrates Kent & Curwen’s British heritage shown through the design concept of the venue. This year, the hall was inspired by Borough Market, one of the largest and oldest food markets in London that features the best farmers in the region and sells a large variety of foods from international cuisines. As such, each serving station at the venue was decorated to mirror a market food stall and the food offerings were tailor-made to continue the iconic British theme.


As one of the premier events of the horse-racing calendar, the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup is well-known for its extraordinary lineup of races and entertaining programs. The stake for the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 1000m HK G1 (Group1: term used for races with the highest level of stakes and which attracts the best horses) was HK$6 million, and was programmed as the first leg of the Hong Kong Speed Series (formerly the Champion Sprint Series).


During the event, as one of the many activities, renowned fashion illustrator Mickco Chan was on-site to do live portraits of guests in their sprint colour outfits. Gentlemen also enjoyed cognac and cigars at the Box balcony while getting the best view of the races.  All guests also enjoyed the special promotion at the pop-up store, where a wide range of KC Cup Collection polos and free embroidery service are offered.


After the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Race, the brand’s ambassadors, Michael Owen and Aaron Kwok, joined Dr. Victor Fung, Group Chairman of Li & Fung Group, Ms. Sabrina Fung, Executive Director of Fung Retailing, and Richard Cohen, CEO of Trinity Limited, to present the “Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup” trophy to Mr. Huang Kai Wen, owner of the winning horse, Peniaphobia, as well as the trainer and jockey.


Another climax to the day arrived when the lucky winners of the “Best Dressed Award”.  The “Best Dressed Lady” was awarded to Ms. Magdalena Lee.  The “Best Dressed Gentleman” was awarded to Mr. Thomas Shao, and the “Best Dressed Couples” was awarded to Mr. Kenny Ho and Mrs. Kenny Ho.  As such, the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 2015 ended on a high note, with a rewarding and fulfilling ambience.


01 January 2015
Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2015: Let’s Ride!


For spring/summer 2015, Kent & Curwen celebrates the hottest trend in London: urban cycling, with a collection that is sporting, stylish and eco-smart – a perfect fit for modern life.


Urban Ride

In London and across the world, the bicycle has become the modern means of transportation. Quick, efficient and environmentally friendly, the bicycle embodies what modern life is all about. Kent & Curwen captures this movement with a collection that uses casual materials and cycling-inspired details to create pieces that take you from the pavement to the boardroom in style and comfort.

A navy blue jacket takes its cue from a classic Macintosh, but has a shorter silhouette that allows freedom of movement and is lined in mesh for lightweight comfort. A cotton cardigan, in city-slick grey, has white racing stripe details while spring’s most brilliant dress shirt, with its micro-bicycle jacquard print, adds a dash of British whimsy.

The spring line also includes a remarkable jacket in blue and red plaid that, at first glance, looks like a classic Kent & Curwen blazer. Don’t be fooled. The hidden pocket on the sleeve is the perfect spot for stashing change; the interior features a clear pocket that allows you to use the “touch” feature on your electronic devices while on the go; and reflective stripes are hidden under the lapel and collar for added safety. There is even an extra button-on tab designed to hold the collar in place so that the reflectors are clearly visible.


Bicycle Race

As the season heats up and thoughts turn to more casual pursuits, Kent & Curwen offers pieces that fit perfectly into the modern man’s wardrobe. A reversible blouson in yellow features spring’s key hexagonal print as well as Kent & Curwen’s signature Three Lions zip pulls. A leather jacket in beige is kept causal with sporting details like a ribbed collar and waistband. It’s ideal teamed with a hexagon-printed pullover and an outstanding dress shirt that features vertical pinstripes as well as a hologram-like shadow print of the London skyline – a stylish nod to cycling along the Thames.

For spectator days and celebrations, the collection also includes a smart sport jacket in an eye-catching blue and yellow windowpane check. For a truly English look, team it with a pair of casual yellow pants, a woven belt, and a cotton dress shirt.


Pleasure Ride

High summer. Temperatures rise, colours get brighter, fabrics are lighter and relaxation is the word du jour. Kent & Curwen offers a paperweight cotton-silk jacket in mid-tone grey cotton-silk that is cool and comfy with anything, including a leaf-print T-shirt in green tones, a floral casual shirt in blue, and a Lion’s head T-shirt that was inspired by Europe’s grand fountains.

The summer collection also includes a featherweight blouson with a subtle cycling-stripe pattern, must-have summer shorts in bright checks and tonal leaf prints, and the brand’s iconic polo shirts, some featuring three-striped knit collars and others with “tire tread” stripes and chambray collars.

From start to finish, Kent & Curwen has created a collection that inspires an action-packed, super-stylish spring and summer. On your marks, Gentlemen!

15 August 2014
Kent & Curwen Fall/Winter 2014: A Season of Sporting Luxury



This autumn, the Kent & Curwen man is on the move, whether he’s behind the wheel of a classic racing car, exploring the Scottish Highlands or indulging in some gentlemanly bonhomie.  Whatever the occasion, he’ll be dressed in clothes that capture the luxurious sportsmanship and modern thinking for which Kent & Curwen is renowned.

Gentleman’s Motorsport

Employing a range of racing details, Kent & Curwen celebrates the sleek look and beloved traditions of British motorsport in its Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. The colour pallet includes Aston Navy, British Racing Green and Antique Gold while texture is highlighted through leather straps, bold stitiching, and new boiled-wool K&C emblems that hark back to vintage motorcar numbers. Key pieces include:

A sharp navy blue jacket with patch pockets, a drawstring waist, zip front and pique texture. Lightweight and with a cotton feel, it’s the perfect piece for coordinating a sophisticated sporting look. Wear it with cognac-coloured cotton trousers, a reversible racing-stripe sleeveless vest, and a woven belt.

A sleek biker-style jacket in buttery soft cognac leather featuring heavy zip details and a snap-closed chest pocket. Inside, look for the “KC emblem” jacquard lining that made a big splash on its debut last season. Don’t forget to finish the look with a two-toned striped scarf.


Highland Pursuits

In Britain, no gentleman’s year is complete without a retreat to the Scottish Highlands, whether for shooting, socializing, riding or rambling. Kent & Curwen continue this tradition with pieces inspired by the mossy greens and heathery greys of the hills, the fine tartan wools of the mills, and the intrepid nature of the sportsmen. Don’t miss these key looks:

A versatile Scottish plaid jacket that hides surprising details. This technical achievement offers protection from wind and rain and also features a detachable collar and front placket in contrasting burgundy that zip in for a sporty look. Suede trim adds sophistication, while buttons at the waist provide fit options. Perfect when matched with soft trousers in this season’s new thistle grey and a tri-tone cable knit jumper.

A sporting checked jacket in boiled wool that features handy flap-front pockets. The grey, black, and burnt orange check is an updated take on a classic pattern – as is the case with Kent & Curwen’s wool cap crafted from herringbone wool and suede. A bright orange pullover with loden green stripes, cable knit details and a new K&C woolen badge completes the look for the autumnal outdoorsman.

A sophisticated plaid jacket that is ideal for trans-seasonal wear. Crafted from a heavy cotton – in navy blue and burnt orange – this sophisticated piece captures the spirit of British menswear with contrasting boiled-wool check used under pocket flaps and the collar and Kent & Curwen’s famous college-striped necktie silk used to trim the interior lining. On cold days, team it with a thick woolen sweater with traditional Fair Isle details – a winter must-have.


Throughout the collection, Kent & Curwen emphasizes the union of active-wear with luxury. As the weather turns cooler, this becomes even more evident in the technical ingenuity, wintery hues, and sporting details that abound. From quilted vests and shearling jackets to chunky knits and brilliant business suits – the collection has everything a modern man of action needs, including:

This season’s hot menswear trend, windowpane check, is cleverly used in a grey wool-silk jacket with modern sky blue checks. The ensemble is finished with casual-yet luxurious pieces such as a shawl-collared cardigan in two-toned blue, K&C signature jeans and a mixed-menswear cap.

No collection is complete without a Kent & Curwen suit –this season’s is an English classic in dark navy shadow gingham check. It’s topped by one of the collection’s outstanding pieces: a black checked cashmere overcoat. Lined in deep black shearling and cut to a modern hip-length, it’s a winter wonder.

Last but not least is an ideal ensemble for a formal occasion. A printed velvet jacket in rich, iridescent blue-and-back plaid is teamed with a new bib-design tuxedo shirt, silk bowtie and black cotton trousers – it’s a look that declares confidence, originality and flair.

26 January 2014
Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 2014: English Football Legend Michael Owen Debuts at Sha Tin Racecourse


Sunday, January 26, 2014 – British luxury menswear brand Kent & Curwen once again reinforced their association with the royal sport of horseracing by holding the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 2014 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Racecourse. Illustrious attendees at the much anticipated social event included eminent guests, VIPs and leaders of industries, such as Dr. Victor Fung, Chairman of Trinity Limited, Ms. Sabrina Fung, Executive Director of Trinity Limited, Mr. Sunny Wong, Group Managing Director, Ms. Olivia Davies, Mr. Michael Wong, Mr. & Mrs. CC Tung and Mr. Eric Fok.


The prestigious event celebrated Kent & Curwen’s British heritage and sporting tradition by introducing the brand’s newly appointed Brand Ambassador and English football legend Michael Owen. Owen’s interest towards horse-racing began when he was very young and that passion has grown over time. He is now the proud co-owner of Manor House Stables, a thoroughbred horse racing complex in England. Michael Owen was joined by longtime brand ambassador and celebrated entertainer Aaron Kwok. This marks the first time in Kent & Curwen’s history that a worldwide sports star that reinforces their sporting legacy united with an Asian entertainer hailed as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings”, making this a special occasion. The two stars were joined by 230 esteemed guests for a Sunday afternoon filled with exciting races while embracing British luxury and sports heritage.


Paying tribute to this special occasion, Ms. Carissa Fortino, Managing Director of Kent & Curwen, welcomed Michael Owen by presenting him with a Chinese painting depicting a frolicking thoroughbred. Painted by celebrated Chinese artist TianShuhan using Chinese ink, the delicate brushworks accentuate the passionate spirit of the horse. Addressed to Owen and signed by the artist himself, Michael Owen was delighted to receive such a gift and pointed out it would be perfect for his own Manor House Stables.


As one of the premier events of the horse-racing calendar, the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup is well-known for its extraordinary lineup of races and entertaining programs, and this year's event was no different.  The stake for the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 1000m, HK G1 (Group1: term used for the highest level of stakes races and attracts the best horses) was HK$6 million, and was programmed as the first leg of the Hong Kong Speed Series (formerly the Champion Sprint Series). The welcome luncheon was held at the Jockey Club Box, and the iconic room was transformed into a modern British gentlemen’s club, complete with a cognac and cigar bar, shoe grooming station, and a photo booth.


In addition, a model presentation of Kent & Curwen’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection meant that guests got a firsthand preview of the upcoming trends designed by the brand’s new Creative Director Simon Spurr. An acclaimed British designer, Spurr brings over 17 years of menswear design experience. Prior to joining Kent & Curwen, he launched his own namesake brand SIMON SPURR in 2006. With a clean and confident design aesthetic informed by both his English upbringing and firmly built framework that emphasizes quality, color, proportion and deliberate subtlety, Spurr’s designs have been touted as comparable to the likes of the sophisticated and precise tailoring of Savile Row, a reputation well-suited for the role overseeing Kent & Curwen’s design direction. Guests murmured in praise as models walked around the Jockey Club Box in between races.


The brand new Autumn Winter 2014 emphasizes the brand’s British heritage while showcasing a bold new aesthetic by modernizing the full lifestyle wardrobe of the Kent & Curwen man. Drawing upon the rich tradition and sporting roots of the brand, the classic pique polo weave was redesigned and created in an oversized proportion, making it a signature pattern of the collection.  Whether executed in geometric hexagonal prints in shirting and small leather goods or as hexagonal quilted leather jackets, the result is masculine and modern. Some of the stand-out pieces that captured guests’ attention were the modern wool silk blended tweeds executed in monochromatic grey, and the laser cut flannel suiting printed with wide regatta stripes that served as a nod to the brand’s tie origins. Pops of colour add an unexpected statement with a colour palette of vicuna, olive green, burnt orange, yellow, turquoise, Prussian blue, grey, navy, ‘cricket ball’ burgundy alongside graphic black and white and the signature Kent & Curwen dark racing green. The result was an incredible blend of first-rate clothing, sporting activities, and gentlemen diversions.


After the exciting Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Race, the brand’s ambassador Michael Owen and Aaron Kwok joined Mrs. Julia Fung, Dr. Victor Fung, Ms. Sabrina Fung, Mr. Sunny Wong, Group Managing Director of Trinity Limited and Ms. Carissa Fortino, Brand Managing Director of Kent & Curwen, to present the souvenirs to Mr. Hung Kam Po, owner of the winning horse, Amber Sky.

01 January 2014
Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2014: British Traveller


This season, Kent & Curwen dresses the modern English gentlemen’s journey to Barbados, India, and the cricket fields of Lord’s. The British Traveller incorporates touches of spicy Madras, exotic Barbados, and sporting England into his sophisticated, tailored wardrobe, all the while remaining decidedly British. Sharp, tropical-weight suiting, linen blend jackets and correspondent outerwear blend savoir fair with Savile Row for the perfect summer collection.

The Worldly Traveller

With sepia tones, featherweight fabrics and spicy Madras accents, Kent & Curwen captures the spirit of a cultured gentleman’s journeys to faraway and exotic lands. Hot weather and eager exploration demand clothes that are both practical and stylish as exemplified by these summer must-haves:

A luxurious blazer in camel, made from a tropical-weight silk-cotton blend that has subtle linen-like texture, lending it a relaxed yet refined look. Complete the colonial feel by teaming the jacket with sand-coloured chinos, a blue gingham-checked shirt, and a Cricket-inspired, two-toned cardigan. The result is a relaxed, yet sophisticated British look.

The perfect wool-silk jacket, with a subtle plaid in neutral tones, gives a stylish flourish to casual dress. For true English flair –add a white silk pocket square, white trousers, and a crisp cotton shirt in pale blue.

The Sports Ambassador

The intensity of competition coupled with gentleman sportsmanship is evidenced by the popularity of England’s most beloved past-times in places far and wide. This season, Kent & Curwen gives a special nod to the worldwide popularity of cricket and rowing -- and to the gentlemanly attire worn by players and spectators alike. Look for contrasting lightweight fabrics, cool summery hues and truly English extras like fresh bowties in regimental stripes and colourful polka dots.

A remarkable double-faced, super-soft grey flannel jacket with vivid red houndstooth lining that is a marvel of modern tailoring. Cleverly made from one piece of fabric and without interior construction, this casual jacket is ultra-lightweight and perfect for spring. No seams, no shoulder pads, and no fuss.  It’s the ideal piece for travel. Add a dash of authentic, eclectic English style with a bold striped rugby shirt in red and navy chinos for a casual yet dapper look.

Summer is no time for formality, but sharp dressing is still required. Kent & Curwen solves the dilemma with the ideal navy blue blazer in Panama cotton. It comes with an exclusive Kent & Curwen “bowtie” lapel pin that adds a humorous and playful touch. Plus, the jacket’s ecru buttons and unstructured silhouette offer a comfortable vibe, while pairing it with bright red trousers, a bold red necktie and a blue-and-white striped shirt produces a distinctively stylish look.

Kent & Curwen’s outstanding regatta-inspired jacket is lightweight perfection in tan and navy blue horizontal stripes. Its bomber-jacket silhouette captures the spirit of varsity competitions, rowing at Henley, and cricket at Lord’s.

The Island Explorer

One of Britain’s most beloved colonies, Barbados provides plenty of inspiration for a summer that includes breezy regattas, golf outings, and indulgent relaxation. Kent & Curwen catches the island spirit with summery pieces in bright tropical hues and nautical stripes.

Sailors and would-be sailors should take note of Kent & Curwen’s orange all-weather jacket. Perfect summer outwear, this bright jacket is wind and water-resistant, has modern and functional touches such as seam sealed zips, rubber-coated snaps, a detachable hood and an inner drawstring waist. Pair it with a Breton-striped T-shirt and white shorts and you’re ready to set sail.

Casual checked shirts are a hallmark of this summery range. The madras check catches this mood with bright, spicy colours: fiery orange, lemon yellow and true red – perfect for layering over a graphic T-shirt and wearing with crisp white cotton trousers.

Madras check also turns up in a pair of colourful shorts – this time in navy blue with field green and bright pink stripes. They are the essence of stylish, yet sporty dressing, especially paired with a horizontally striped rugby shirt. Top the ensemble with a dapper jacket in sky blue, and you’ve captured the look of cool English eccentricity.

No Kent & Curwen collection is complete without new additions to its iconic range of polo shirts, rugby shirts, and graphic T-shirts. This season’s collection sees the return of the popular lion mascot on a whimsical T-shirt and rowing emblems added to the rugby shirt repertoire. Also worth noting are the boldly striped polo shirts, in hues such as yellow, orange, purple, lime green, black, and teal. They add colourful character to any ensemble.

02 August 2013
Kent & Curwen Fall/Winter 2013: The Bright Young Things

For Fall/Winter 2013 Kent & Curwen celebrates the “privileged life” and takes its cue from the “Bright Young Things” that lit upBritain’s high society in the 1920s. Exuding style and a bohemian adventurousness, these young aristocrats set the bar for living the good life. Throughout the collection, the clever use of colour, prints and emblems, and smart silhouettes capture this spirit, which is brought up to date with modern fabrics and styling, making the Kent & Curwen Fall/ Winter 2013 collection truly contemporary and exciting.

Bright Ideas

Among London’s most influential Bright Young Things were socialites (like the Mitford sisters), authors (such as Evelyn Waugh), and photographers (notably Cecil Beaton). This aristocratic, fashion-forward set dedicated its time and energy to pursuing the arts and living large; they also provide inspiration for Kent & Curwen’s smart-casual range for Fall/Winter 2013.  The look is collegiate and offers a sense of belonging as in the eye-catching navy blue club jacket, which offers modern details like grey knit piping and a striking new Three Lions badge that has been handmade by artisans in India. That same sense of “membership” can be found with another semi - formal blazer, this one crafted from heavy-gauge cotton that gives a relaxed feel. It teams perfectly with separates in the season’s most trend-setting colours: ivory, burgundy, and grey – all of which are present in a simple checked cotton shirt and a classic V-neck cricket jumper.

Outerwear also captures the mood this season with muted colours and interesting details. The sleeveless down vest in grey, for example, is quilted for modern styling, but also has contrasting brown buttons and a detachable fur-trimmed hood that adds a touch of luxury. Elsewhere, a dark green hunting jacket has long been an aristocratic British wardrobe must-have, but this season’s version offers subtle new elements like a micro-print woven fabric, subtle quilting for extra warmth and sleek black piping for a modern edge. Also making waves is a hooded blouson in fashionable burgundy. It boasts such details as patch pockets with button closures, weather-proof finishing on the exterior and an exclusive Three Lions jacquard lining on the inside.


Fundraiser Finery

Whether your funds are being raised for business or for a good cause, dressing the part is essential, as defined by Kent & Curwen’s formal range. Here, Kent & Curwen continues to explore its heritage, but combines these ideas with decidedly modern notions of luxury. One excellent example is a pair of dark green-and-purple plaid trousers with matching waistcoat. In a novel twist, the vest has a lapel– giving it dressed-up flair of its own – no suit jacket required. Wear with a green-and-white checked shirt and a knit bowtie to add a bold touch of British eccentricity.


This season’s standout three-piece suit seems quite traditional on first look – an ideal, pinstriped charcoal grey ensemble. But the fabric, a specially selected and woven wool, is supremely comfortable and the perfect winter weight. It also offers a subtle mélange effect that captures the light and is in perfect sync with today’s hottest menswear trend.


For the most formal occasions, Kent & Curwen invites men to embrace a rich retro look in the form of a black velvet evening jacket. The plush fabric, satin lapels and oversized velvet bowtie are a throwback to vintage glamour, but the perfect fit and crisp herringbone dress shirt are made with the modern man in mind.


Team Spirit

Kent & Curwen emphasized its sporting roots in its collection of casual wear, too. This is typified in the peach-fuzz softness of a range of flannel shirts as well as in the graphic T-shirts. This season’s standouts include tone-on-tone Kent & Curwen emblems and new variations on the Three Lions such as the bold merging of a traditional Union jack with a hipster-cool lion head. The Union Jack also shows up in a range of bold red-white-and-blue rugby shirts that sport the flag across the yoke.

Also making a splash this winter is the new limited-edition denim collection, which includes smart five-pocket jeans in dark blue denim with gold stitching. Those feeling fashion forward will wear the cuffs turned up to show off the very British check lining.


13 July 2013
Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry Supporting Tusk Trust and Sentable at The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup

Kent & Curwen, the quintessential English menswear brand was honoured for a second year, to be the title sponsor of The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup on Saturday July 13, 2013 within the grounds of the magnificent Lord and Lady Andrew Lloyd Webber’s private Berkshire Estate, Watership Down. Over 400 VIP guests were treated to a day of Royal polo, English hospitality and auctions.

The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup were proud to support for a second year Sentebale and Tusk Trust, Prince Harry and The Duke of Cambridge's respective charities.

Special guests of the event included Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, Harold Tillman CBE, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Baron Edward Downpatrick grandson of HRH the Duke of Kent who was accompanied by Lady Victoria Dashwood, Lady Kitty Spencer with her British cricketing star partner Nick Compton, Luke Newberry, British actor, and Patti Wong (Chairman of Sotheby's Asia) and her husband Andy Wong.  Traveling to Kent & Curwen’s Royal Charity Polo Cup included Sunny Wong, Group Managing Director of Trinity Limited, Sabrina Fung, Executive Director of Trinity Limited, Aaron Kwok, Brand Ambassador for Kent & Curwen in Asia and Brian Li, Deputy Chief Executive of The Bank of East Asia Limited, Thomas Shao, Founder of Modern Media Group, Adrian Cheng, Executive Director and Joint General Manager of New World Development Company Limited, and Mr. Arthur de Villepin, Cofounder of Pont des Arts and son of former Prime Minister of France Mr. Dominique de Villepin.


Miss Sabrina Fung, Executive Director of Trinity Limited commented, “it is such a privilege for Kent & Curwen to return to the historic Watership down and to be the title sponsor once again, and in doing so support HRH's charities Sentebale and Tusk.”  The partnership is perfect for the British sporting brand of Kent & Curwen established over 80 years ago and synonymous now for the pursuit of greatness on the field be it polo or cricket".


In a hard fought match the GCBS team of Prince Harry, Charlie Gordon Watson, Alejandro Novillo Astrada and Harald Link scored a goal in the last 30 seconds to secure the win against the Westcombe Group team consisting of The Duke of Cambridge, Kola Karim, Nic Roldan and Her Highness Sheikha Maitha.


The Most valuable player was awarded to Prince Harry with The Best playing Pony going to Harald Link’s Gabby.



17 June 2013
Kent & Curwen's SS14 at London Collections: Men 2013

June, 2013 (New York, NY) – Storied menswear brand Kent & Curwen presented selections from its spring / summer 2014 collection at London Collections: Men.   Alongside the bespoke tailors of Savile Row andLondon’s best shirt makers and hatters, Kent & Curwen debuted a total of 15 spring looks to the international press and buying community.   Styled by Jo Levin of British GQ, the group presentation—“English Gentleman at Lord’s Pavilion”— showcased models dressed in Savile Row’s finest, acting as a reminder that the preeminent street still serves as the capital of masculine style on which Kent & Curwen was born nearly a century ago. 


The presentation was located at the prestigious Lord’s Cricket Ground in centralLondonon June 17, 2013 from 4:30 to 6:30pm,—an apt setting for the Kent & Curwen brand.  Having introduced the iconic cricket sweater in 1930, Kent & Curwen’s ties to cricket and contributions to the sport’s now standardized uniform are vast.   Upon its debut, Kent & Curwen’s cricket sweater quickly became a staple of the brand and its British influence.  Later, the brand’s cricket designs were adopted by film stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood and members of the Hollywood Cricket Club and 

Kent & Curwen went on to become the official outfitters to the English Cricket Team.  Today, its cricket line remains a classic within British gentleman’s fashion.


Kent & Curwen’s 15 dedicated looks, part of the over 60 looks presented at English Gentleman at Lord’s Pavilion, featured a fine group of models dressed in a range of apparel, including spring suiting, summer sport jackets, cricket blazers, sweaters, and more.   A few of the models were also outfitted in a modernized and re-interpreted cricket “uniform” consisting of mixed fine cream wool trousers, contemporary cricket blazers, ivory cashmere cricket vests, and more from Kent & Curwen’s spring / summer 2014 collection.  


Most recently, Kent & Curwen announced its re-launch in Europe and debut inNorth Americaunder the stewardship of President Craig Reynolds and Creative Director Michael Sondag.   A modern take on sportswear with the contemporary gentleman in mind, Kent & Curwen now offers sportswear, outerwear, and accessories, blending exquisite British tailoring with modern design to create luxury product at an accessible price point. Subtle influences that speak to Kent & Curwen’s heritage are incorporated throughout each collection, including its signature color, field green, which represents the grass on a cricket field, top-stitching on jeans replicating stitches on a cricket ball, and the brand’s logo, which still features the Royal Arms of London. 


Kent & Curwen’s ambitious 2013 plans also include the opening of a new store at No 2 Savile Row in centralLondonand its firstU.S.retail store onManhattan’sUpper East Side.  No 2 Savile Row,Londonis slated to open in October 2013 with theNew Yorkstore anticipated to open shortly thereafter.  Kent & Curwen’s will be available beginning this fall at select Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and The Bay locations as well as Harrods London, other specialty stores and planned Kent & Curwen boutiques.


For more information about the English Gentleman at Lord’s Pavilion presentation, please visit  

14 June 2013
Kent & Curwen Sponsors Real Heroes at Flannels for Heroes

(June 2013) High-end luxury menswear brand Kent & Curwen was the official clothing sponsors of the third Flannels for Heroes event that took place on Friday 14, 2013 at Burton Court, home of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. This annual cricket fundraiser for Heroes charities has all players wearing traditional white flannels sponsored by Kent & Curwen. From cricket knits to cricket caps, Kent & Curwen has proven once again that they are the leaders in styling the sport of cricket.


The contest, which was founded by Hugh Grant, featured ex-servicemen competing with stars of screen and stage in a 20:20 contest with a classic English garden party for 300 alongside, atBurton CourtinChelsea.


This year, there were two George Cross medals playing and a Military Cross, plus three amputees which included Jaco Van Gass and Guy Disney, famed for their trek to the North Pole with Prince Harry and Walking with the Wounded in 2011.


In a thrilling final match, the Royal Marines side Bootneck Belters, were narrowly beaten by Milbank Malaprops, the law firm, posting its second Flannels victory in two years. Man of the Series was awarded to Milbank’s wicket keeper James Whacket, who’s 44 and 39 were instrumental in securing winning totals for both their games.


For more information and pictures of the day, see

27 January 2013
The Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup - 2013

The Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup - 2013

Celebrates a new beginning with the launch of the “Lion Jack Club”

Sunday, January 27, 2013 – British luxury menswear brand, Kent & Curwen, once again reinforces their association with the royal sport of horseracing by holding the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 2013 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sha Tin Racecourse. The much anticipated social event gathers some of the captains of industries and VIPs, including Dr. Victor Fung, Dr. William Fung, Dr. Allan Zeman, Mr. Tsang Yum Pui, Ms. Sabrina Fung Lam, Mr. Eric Fok, Ms. Dee Poon, Mr. David Wong, and Mr. Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The prestigious event celebrated the brand’s new tagline, “From the life of sport to the sport of life”. Indeed, brand Ambassador Aaron Kwok, who fully personifies the life of sport, was joined by 230 esteemed guests who all enjoyed a Sunday afternoon filled with exciting races while embracing British luxury and heritage.

As one of the premier events of the horse-racing calendar, the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup is well-known for its extraordinary lineup of races and entertaining programs, and this year's event is no different. This year, the HK$4.5 million stake Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup 1000m, HK G1 (Group 1: term used for the highest level of stakes races and attracts the best horses) has been programmed as the first leg of the Hong Kong Speed Series (formerly the Champion Sprint Series) since the 2005/06 season. The welcome luncheon was held in the Jockey Club Box, and the famous room was transformed into a modern gentlemen’s club. Complete with a whiskey bar, cigar roller fromDominican Republic, and cigar bar on the balcony, the event also featured the familiar sight of some of the Queen’s Guards standing to attention at various locations of the Jockey Club Box!

Paying tribute to this special occasion, Mrs. Sabrina Fung Lam, Brand Managing Director of Kent & Curwen, took the opportunity to commemorate the establishment of the Kent & Curwen Lion Jack Club. The beginning of this exclusive club started off consisting of 4 members, namely Mr. Brian Li, Mr. Adrian Cheng, Mr. Thomas Zhongand Mr. Arthur de Villepin. These four founding members were selected to be the club’s first honorary members as they are all individually accomplished in their own fields and have been intimately involved with philanthropic deeds during their successful careers.

Mr. Brian Li was named Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank of East Asia in 2009, and then as Independent Non-Executive Director and a member of the Audit Committee in 2011. After his graduation from Harvard University, Mr. Adrian Cheng worked at Goldman Sachs and UBS before joining the New World Group where he is now Chairman of NWSI, Executive Director and Joint General Manager of New World Development Company Limited. Mr. ThomasZhongis the first private media entrepreneur in China and the Founder and Executive Chairman of Modern Media Group. Mr. Arthur de Villepin is the son of Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France. Arthur is also the cofounder of Pont des Arts, one of the leading pioneers to create unique wine labels with exclusive wines.

Furthermore, each have a strong passion for British heritage, and with their own individualistic styles, have proven themselves outstanding examples of Kent & Curwen ambassadors.

Kent & Curwen has always been true to their sporting heritage and British roots, and this year, the legacy is realized with the tagline “From the life of sport to the sport of life”. The spirit of the new Kent & Curwen SS13 collection, as well as their British Heritage Brands debut collection for theUSand EU Markets, was showcased through a model presentation headed by China’s leading celebrity model, Rock Ji.

Kent & Curwen has grown from being a manufacturer of club, college and regimental neckties inEngland, to being a truly international, ready-to-wear lifestyle and fashion retailer. In line with other global brands and strategies, Kent & Curwen will continue its international expansion into theUnited Statesand Europe in 2013, and in the same year, open their new flagship store in the famous men’s tailoring hub of Savile Row inLondon. 

To top it off, Kent & Curwen has also specifically designed a limited edition Riding Jacket this season dedicated to this special event. Sported by their brand ambassador, Aaron Kwok, the jacket is tailored in an ash-grey colour and was exclusively available for purchase at the pop-up store next to the members’ main entrance.

Furthering the delightful theme of this classic British day, a very recognizable, red English post box was placed at the pop-up store where guests can write on an exclusively designed post card, and have it immediately mailed to their friends and families on the spot.

After the exciting Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Race, the brand’s ambassador Aaron Kwok joined Mrs. Julia Fung, Dr. Victor Fung, Mr. Sunny Wong, Group Managing Director of Trinity Limited and Mrs. Sabrina Fung Lam, Brand Managing Director of Kent & Curwen, to present the “Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup” trophy to Mr. Cheng Ka Shing, owner of the winning horse, Eagle Regiment. 

Notes to editors:


Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen was established in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen. The company first began as a manufacturer of military, club, and college repp ties that helped define 20th century British style. In the 1930s, Kent & Curwen introduced the iconic cricket sweater and went on to be the supplier to major sporting events and clubs, even finding its way across theAtlanticto outfit the Hollywood Cricket Club and Palm Springs Racquet Club. It wasn’t long before such royals as the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent were seen sporting Kent & Curwen. More than fifty years after the brand’s creation, the Three Lions Herald became Kent & Curwen’s registered trademark. An undeniable symbol of excellence used by King Richard, the logo made clear that the brand was as regal and distinguished as ever.

Today, Kent & Curwen represents British heritage with the dust blown off. Our iconic wardrobe staples now serve as the foundation for a world of modern style. Each design is made with the well–dressed man in mind—a man who appreciates fine craftsmanship and the balance between timeless and timely. Kent & Curwen is the embodiment of stylish tradition.

With new progression and concepts, 2013 will certainly be an exciting and busy year with the latest flagship store at No. 2 Savile Row, the home for all menswear and sartorial heritage.

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is not only one of the world’s leading horse racing organizations, but also a world top 15 charitable organization and Hong

Kong’s largest community contributor, donating HK$1.7 billion in 2012. It is also a major taxpayer,Hong Kong’s single largest by far, generating over HK$16 billion a year for public funds. The Club pioneers technology applications for sporting and

betting entertainment, striving for the highest levels of customer service. As a membership club, it is recognized as one ofAsia’s most prestigious, with more than 23,000 members. These multifaceted roles make it a well-respected and remarkable organization, dedicated to its mission of enhancing the quality of life for allHong Kongpeople.

09 January 2013
Aaron Kwok Unveils the Latest Kent & Curwen Lightbox and Limited Edition Kent & Curwen Riding Jacket

Aaron Kwok unveils the latest Kent & Curwen Lightbox

and Limited Edition Kent & Curwen Riding Jacket

(January 9, 2013, Hong Kong) Celebrating the launch of Kent & Curwen’s new advertising campaign and announcing the brand’s fourth collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, brand ambassador Mr. Aaron Kwok unveiled his latest Kent & Curwen light box image at the IFC boutique on January 9, 2013, wearing a head-turning, limited edition Kent & Curwen Riding Jacket.

At this year’s Centenary Sprint Cup , British luxury menswear brand Kent & Curwen pays homage to the quintessential British sport of equestrianism by launching this limited edition Riding Jacket. With only a small number available in Hong Kong, the Riding Jacket sports a wonderful sense of “sartorial eloquence” (as Sir Elton John would put it) that is true to Kent & Curwen’s impeccable English style.

The riding jacket, officially known as a Hacking Jacket, was said to originate fromEngland in the late 1600s and was worn chiefly for equestrian events of various types, such as horse shows, fox hunting, shooting parties and pony clubs, before their fashionable associations with aristocracy. While the fashion industry has changed vastly since that time, riding jackets have remained resilient and popular for their prominent full-length features, broad-collars and signature lapels. Today the hacking jacket has more of a formal reputation about them. A stalwart of Savile Row, the hacking jacket is still designed for the business of riding.  

Kent & Curwen’s limited edition Riding Jacket showcases a combination of traditional English design with a dash of modernity. Made from 100% wool blend – with the exception of its lapel that is purely made from luxury velvet, the Riding Jacket comes only in an ash-grey tone with tight sleeves that gently hugs the waist-line. Naturally perfect for hunting or polo sports, the jacket’s design is the epitome of timeless British style.

As brand ambassador of Kent & Curwen, Mr. Aaron Kwok is the first person to own a Kent & Curwen Riding Jacket which he effortlessly mixes and matches with the brand’s S/S 2013 Collection.

Throughout his past 3-year collaboration with Kent & Curwen, the brand has continuously supported the actor in numerous on and off stage events including his wardrobe for his most recent blockbuster movie, Cold War, where Kwok played the role of a Deputy Commissioner of the Police Force.

Last year, Kwok was also invited to London– the birthplace of Kent & Curwen - for a campaign photo-shooting. At the same time, he was also invited to The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup that year as the brand ambassador to mingle with stellar guests including Prince Harry ofWales, Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, Ms. Sabrina Fung, Mr. Timothy Fok, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill, and Twiggy.

The Kent & Curwen limited edition Riding Jacket is only available in 12 pieces inHong Kong, and can only be purchased at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Levade and at the Pop-Up Store at the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup on January 27, 2013.


01 December 2012
Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2013 - From The Boundary’s Edge


Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2013

From The Boundary’s Edge


Kent & Curwen takes inspiration from the game of cricket to create a stunning spring/summer collection rich in sporting heritage. The brand has had a long association with cricket, from creating the original cricket jumper to supplying the official kit for England’s National team; but this season Kent & Curwen shows its affinity for the sport by finding inspiration in everything cricket, from the sweeping green fields and white-clad players, to the wooden bats, stitched leather balls, and elegant spectators. Looking at the style of cricket from within and outside the boundary’s edge, this collection represents the foundation for the modern sporting style.       


Bowled Over

This season’s formal collection pays homage to cricket in surprising ways. The Club Line navy blue cricket blazer, for example, features classic notched lapels and a slim two-button silhouette, but look closely and you’ll see that those bold stripes are designed to replicate the stitching on a cricket ball.  Or, opt for an all-white suit worn with a blue and white striped shirt, bowtie and floral pocket square – it’s a dashing ensemble that gives a nod to traditional cricket whites but is wholly modern thanks to its lightweight fabric (the jacket is cleverly made from a double layer of shirting fabric) and slim fit.

Another of the season’s key looks can be found in the windowpane check jacket, which showcases two of the spring’s most important colours: blue and pink. In this case, the sky blue jacket is highlighted by dusty rose checks that are a tribute to the gardens that so often surround cricket fields; matched with a striped shirt and V-neck jumper, both of which also pick up on the rose theme; it is perfect springtime attire.

Beyond the Boundary

In today’s world, not every occasion calls for a suit, which is why Kent & Curwen specializes in creating fine clothes that crosses the boundary between business and leisurewear. A prime example is one of this spring’s iconic products: a perforated, zip-front leather jacket. Made inItaly, the jacket’s soft taupe hue is a nod to willow cricket bats, while the striped mesh lining picks up on cricket jumpers, and the supple calfskin is a tribute to the leather used to make cricket balls.

Other standout pieces from this great collection of semi-formal wear includes a reversible jacket featuring this season’s hot gingham check on one side, a pale blue knit-look blazer that is lined in a fresh floral-print shirt fabric, and technically


innovative outerwear in the form of a wind- and water-repellent overcoat with sealed seams and cool zipper details.

A Century of Style

For nearly a century Kent & Curwen has been the go-to brand for cricket jumpers, polo shirts, and rugby shirts. This season, that tradition carries on as the brand offers a range of brightly coloured shirts as well as other casual wear must-haves. Polo shirts are in bright hues and bold horizontal stripes, with colour combinations ranging from pink and white to blue and fuchsia and even including a “rainbow” polo that features 13 different summery hues.

This spring also features limited-edition jeans, created in dark blue denim and highlighted by gold top-stitching and gold K&C logos that were inspired by the gold foil used to mark official cricket balls. Other stars from the casual line are super soft cotton shirts in subtle red-white-and-blue rose prints and lightweight wool blazers that are unconstructed, has no lining, and is without shoulder pads– it’s the go-anywhere piece that every man needs in his wardrobe.

About Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen was established in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen.  The company first began as a manufacturer of military, club, and college repp ties that helped define 20th century British style.  In the 1930s, Kent & Curwen introduced the iconic cricket sweater and went on to be the supplier to major sporting events and clubs even finding its way across theAtlanticto outfit the Hollywood Cricket Club and Palm Springs Racquet Club.  It wasn’t long before such royals as the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent were seen sporting Kent & Curwen. More than fifty years after the brand’s creation, the Three Lions Herald became Kent & Curwen’s registered trademark. An undeniable symbol of excellence used by King Richard, the logo made clear that the brand was as regal and distinguished as ever.

Today, Kent & Curwen represents British heritage with the dust blown off. Our iconic wardrobe staples now serve as the foundation for a world of modern style. Each design is made with the well–dressed man in mind—a man who appreciates fine craftsmanship and the balance between timeless and timely. Kent & Curwen is the embodiment of stylish tradition.


01 August 2012
Kent & Curwen Fall/Winter 2012 – Celebrating the Spirit of Sports Adventure, and the Best of Men

This season Kent & Curwen celebrates the spirit of adventure – whether it takes the form of outdoor pursuit, entrepreneurial spirit or exotic exploration.  Throughout the collection Kent & Curwen’s sporting heritage is fused with high performance and elegant style to create modern outdoor clothing that is perfect for the modern gentlemen.

Sporting Pursuit

Outdoor wear is essential to every man’s winter wardrobe, especially for men with a penchant for adventure. Kent & Curwen meets this need with a range of jackets that is at once stylish, practical, and sporting. Pick of the crop is a new item for Kent & Curwen: the quilted down jacket, which comes in two variations – one with a longer silhouette and detachable hood, the other a double-layered jacket with a zip-out lining that gives maximum flexibility for the changeable autumn weather. The quilted look is echoed with another key piece – a sleeveless vest with a subtle plaid pattern that adds a dash of casual comfort when worn with a classic checked shirt and necktie and burgundy trousers.

Also adding a comfortable touch to any fall ensemble is this season’s knitwear: a cable-knit, zip-front sweater in dark purple (this autumn’s key colour) and a luxurious charcoal grey cardigan with a sophisticated shawl collar. Offering the perfect balance of casual comfort and sophisticated style, these must-have knits can be dressed down (with one of the season’s plaid shirts and denim trousers) or dressed up (with a checked shirt, bowtie, and brushed cotton trousers.)

The Beautiful Game

Kent & Curwen’s sporting heritage has inspired a collection of sportswear that can be worn on the pitch or around town. Not to be missed are the rugby shirts, this season featuring big badges, bold stripes and an ideal autumn palette of deep purple, green, brick red, and dark blue. Highlights include a zip-front hoodie in purple and charcoal stripes as well as a grass green hooded sweatshirt with front pocket and drawstring waist. Rugby has also inspired a sporty variation on this season’s quilted jacket. It features wide black and aubergine stripes, an oversized Three Lions badge, and an on-trend “puffy” look.

Kent & Curwen’s storied association with cricket plays another important role this autumn. In superfine grey wool, a new cricket jacket features a subtle tonal gray piping along the lapel, while the cable-knit cricket jumper is highlighted by purple edging along its V-neck and an oversized Three Lions badge.

The Best of Men

The spirit of adventure does not limit itself to travellers and athletes, of course. Kent & Curwen also recognizes the drive, determination and sense of self that are found in today’s high achievers. To that end, this season’s collection of suits combines the quality of old school English tailoring techniques with reinvented fabrics, which have been inspired by classic English materials but offer a completely contemporary look and feel. A prime example is the dapper three-piece suit in Prince of Wales check. The six-button vest, notched jacket lapels, and fine fabric all give a nod to traditional Savile Row tailoring, but the slightly longer silhouette, closer fit, and a dash of red in the check pattern, all bring a note of youthful energy to the look.

Similarly, this season’s pinstriped suit has a youthful edge thanks to the subtle use of colour. It is comprised of a single-breasted jacket and matching trousers crafted from super-lightweight wool in black with white and blue pinstripes. The subtle blue of the suit is picked up and enhanced by a bold blue-and-white striped shirt with contrasting white collar and cuffs. The result is a contemporary City of London look for urbanites everywhere.

In keeping with the season’s spirit of adventure, Kent & Curwen also puts a new twist on the smoking jacket, shown this year in rich velvet with a subtle check pattern that adds an element of playfulness to formalwear, especially when paired with a studded tuxedo shirt, black bowtie, and tuxedo pants.

21 July 2012
Prince Harry Supporting Charities at The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup

Kent & Curwen, the quintessential English menswear brand was the title sponsor of The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup this past weekend, Saturday July 21, 2012 at the private grounds of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Berkshire Estate, Watership Down. Over 400 VIP guests were treated to a day of Royal polo, English hospitality and auctions.

The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup supported Sentebale and Tusk Trust, Prince Harry and The Duke of Cambridge's respective charities. 

Special guests of the event included Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber, Sabrina Fung, Brand Managing Director of Kent & Curwen, Aaron Kwok, Brand Ambassador for Kent & Curwen in Asia and Timothy Fok (Chairman of Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong), Patti Wong (Chairman of Sotheby's Asia), Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lady Clare Elliot Murray Kynynmound (daughter of 7th Earl of Minto), Lady Maddison Brudenell, Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill, Patti Boyd (former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton), Twiggy (English model, actress, and singer), Spike Edney, (English musician once part of Queen), among many others. This event builds on the success that the former captain ofEngland’s Polo Team, Andrew Hine had over the previous two years with similar fundraising events where in excess of £160,000 has been raised over the 2 years for the charities. 

Simultaneously, the Royal Salute, and the Westcombe Group teams were prepping their horses and uniforms for the main event. Prince Harry teamed up with Jonathan Munro Ford, English professional Johnny Good and Juan Crus Guevara playing for the Royal Salute team taking on The Westcombe Group Team who had leading professionals Will Emerson and Juan Ambroggio, Kola Karim and Leonora De Ferranti. After a very tight fought match, Royal Salute took the win 7 to 6 to win The 2012 Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup. The Most Valuable Player award was given to Leonora De Ferranti and the Best Playing Pony was Minx played by Johnny Good.

Brand Managing Director for Kent & Curwen, Ms. Sabrina Fung commented, “The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup represents an authentic day of English polo for worthy charities. This is an important milestone for the Kent & Curwen brand as it builds on our British sporting heritage.”

15 June 2012
Kent & Curwen Sponsors a Charity Cricket for Wounded Heroes

Under sunny skies, Kent & Curwen hosted the Kent & Curwen Flannels for Heroes charity cricket match on the historical grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital at Burton Court, London, to benefit wounded British servicemen through the charities Help for Heroes and Walking with the Wounded. The day of cricket and charity auctions raised over £45,000 and featured 20-innings matches between the teams; Cadbury Cavaliers, WHEB Group 2012, Herrick Warriors 2012, and Milbank Malaprops. At the end of play, Milbank Malaprops emerged victoriously; lifting the Kent & Curwen Flannels for Heroes 2012 Cup.

The event featured a host of celebrated cricketers and guests, including Kevin Pietersen, who captained the England Test Squad and the One Day International Teams in 2008/2009; Michael Vaughan, who was voted one of the best batsmen in the world following the 2002/2003 Ashes; Isa Guha, who played for England in the 2005 Women’s World Cup; and Ben Goldsmith, the youngest son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, who founded WHEB Group.

Also lending their supports to this worthwhile cause were Lady Frederick Windsor, HSH Princess Olga Romanoff and legendary actress Peggy Cummins, who supported the original fund raising exhibition matches of the Hollywood Cricket Club in the 1940’s.

Tim Brocklehurst, who co-founded Flannels for Heroes said: “Flannels for Heroes is a celebration of the traditional British summer with cricket and garden parties in Chelsea. We are especially grateful to Kent & Curwen for providing authentic cricket flannels to all cricketers, just as they did to the Hollywood teams of the thirties and forties. It is the first time in thirty years that everyone on the pitch is wearing traditional English flannels."

Kent & Curwen has built over eight decades of sporting heritage, with an emphasis on cricket. Established in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen as the definitive supplier of club and regimental ties, Kent & Curwen went on to produce cricket knits that became an iconic sporting fashion. During Hollywood’s Golden Age, the brand dressed the dashing members of The Hollywood Cricket Club, with stars like Laurence Olivier, Errol Flynn, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ star Basil Rathbone and film legend Boris Karloff; all cutting a glamorous dash in Kent & Curwen cricket jumpers.

David Au, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Kent & Curwen said, We are proud to reconnect to an important charity, Flannels for Heroes, benefiting servicemen today as we did 70 years ago; and to authenticate the fashion used for a traditional and historic event for cricket.”

Kent & Curwen today has over 132 stores located in 63 cities across the world. The flagship store in London is located on 2 Piccadilly Arcade. In Asia, Kent & Curwen continues to sponsor the Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup with The Hong Kong Jockey Club, and is appointed as the ‘Official Uniform Sponsor’ of the Hong Kong Olympics delegation to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

22 March 2012
Kent & Curwen Unveils the Official Hong Kong Olympic Team Uniforms

In celebration of their appointment as “Official Uniform Sponsor” of the Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation to the 2012 Olympic Games, quintessential English menswear brand Kent & Curwen held an exclusive luncheon for press and special guests in the Western Dining Room & Oyster Bar at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Happy Valley Racecourse on the 22nd of March. During the event, Kent & Curwen unveiled the official athletes’ ceremonial and casual uniforms, and launched the commemorative Kent & Curwen Hong Kong Olympic Team Capsule Collection that is sold in allHong Kong retail stores.

Representatives from theHong Kong, China Sports Federation & Olympic Committee (SF&OC) Mr. Timothy Fok, Mr. Pang Chung, and Mr. Kenneth Fok attended as special guests and they were presented with their personalized Kent & Curwen Hong Kong Olympic Team Capsule polos with their initials embroidered as a souvenir from Mr. Danny Lau, Group Chief Operating Officer of Trinity Limited. Ms. Sabrina Fung, Brand Managing Director of Kent & Curwen thanked everyone for attending the press conference and added, “We are extremely proud and honored to dress theHong Kongdelegation to the London 2012 Olympic Games and to be presented on the biggest and most important sporting stage in the world. I want to wish our athletes the best of luck, and I’m confident you’ll do us all proud!”

Olympian hopefuls from the Hong Kong Team, gymnasts Shek Wai Hung and Wong Hiu Ying (Angel) and badminton players Yip Pui Yin and Wong Wing Ki (Vincent) were also present at the luncheon. Dressed in Kent & Curwen Hong Kong Olympic Team Capsule polos, the four shared their experiences on preparing for the games, discussing their training regimen and other anecdotes. Yip Pui Yin expressed her appreciation to Kent & Curwen for adding the casual look to their official uniforms, “We are all delighted to see these new casual uniforms, as it has never been offered by our uniform sponsors before. The tailoring and material used for both the ivory cardigan and the cotton pique polo shirts ensure great comfort to the athletes.”

To showcase the inspiration behind the designs for the official uniforms and the Hong Kong Olympic Team Capsule Collection, a heritage wall relating Kent & Curwen’s historical association with cricket, rugby, tennis, rowing and horse racing was on display, together with iconic looks from the Spring Summer 2012 new collection and golf collection. The highlight of the event for the guests was the opportunity to personalize their Hong Kong Olympic Team Capsule souvenir polos with special initials and motifs using the instant monogramming service that Kent & Curwen made available on the day.

About Kent & Curwen

Kent & Curwen is the quintessential English luxury menswear brand with over 85 years of heritage. The brand’s strong association with sports began with the production of cricket sweaters and sponsorship of the English and Australian National Cricket Teams in the 1970s. Since then, the brand had also been an apparel sponsor for Wimbledon tennis and golf professionals.

16 January 2012
Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup Celebrates a Legendary Dynasty of Equine Heritage with Guest-of-Honor, Mr. Peter Phillips

Brand Ambassador Aaron Kwok to Participate in the “Kent& Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup” Festivities

Kent & Curwen, the quintessential British house of luxury menswear, hosted the “Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup” celebrations at the Shatin Racecourse on January 15, 2012. The much anticipated annual event, which took place in partnership with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, was first held in 1984 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It was also the year Kent & Curwen opened the first store at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Over the years, Kent & Curwen brand has evolved through a legendary dynasty of innovation and style, yet maintaining the brand’s authentic British heritage.

This year’s “Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup” featured an extraordinary lineup of races and entertaining programs; and included a special appearance from Guest-of-Honor, Mr. Peter Mark Andrew Phillips, the only son of Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, and her husband, Captain Mark Phillips.

Mr. Peter Phillips is not only the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, but he also inherited a legacy of talent in equestrianism. Mr. Peter Phillips’ mother, Princess Anne, is a passionate and accomplished equestrienne who won her first individual title at the European Eventing Championship at the age of 21, which proved to be the first of many numerous remarkable achievements. Mr. Peter Phillips’ sister, Zara Phillips, is also a world-class equestrienne, winning a string of championship titles in various highly competitive international races. With an astonishing family background, Mr. Peter Phillips continues this legacy with his strong affection for horseracing. His arrival brought in a flair of elegance and excitement from England – with his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, passion for horses is passed down throughout the generations.

Other prestigious guests in attendance included glitterati and horse lovers: Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and Loretta Lo, Mr. Eric Fok, Ms. Irene Wan, Mr. and Mrs. Dominique and Jane Lee, Ms. Vivienne Tam, Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, Ms. Sabrina Fung (Brand Managing Director of Trinity Limited), Dr. Victor Fung (Chairman of Trinity Limited), Dr. William Fung (Deputy Chairman of Trinity Limited), Allan Zeman and

Mr. Aaron Kwok, one of the Asia’s most renowned pop stars and the Brand Ambassador for Kent & Curwen.

Dubbed as the King of the Stage, Mr. Aaron Kwok has recently added race horse ownership to his many passions, finally realizing a personal dream as a keen enthusiast of equestrian sports. As the Kent & Curwen Brand Ambassador, Aaron Kwok also joined Ms. Sabrina Fung, Dr. Victor Fung and Mr. Peter Phillips in presenting the “Kent & Curwen Centenary Spirit Cup” trophy to the winning horse of the challenge, Eagle Regiment, jockey Olivier Doleuze, trainer Manfred Man and horse owner Mr. Cheng Ka Shing.

The “Best Dressed Awards” were also given in the afternoon as guests put on their Sunday best. Mr. Silas Chou was awarded “The Best Dressed Gentleman” by Ms. Vivienne Tam, “The Best Dressed Lady” award was received by Ms. Jane Lee from Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, and Mr. Aaron Kwok presented “The Best Dressed Couple” award to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent and Loretta Lo.

Aside from the exhilarating races on the track, Kent & Curwen had some fine entertainment lined up for the guests. Highly energetic dancers kicked off the day with a spectacular dance performance throughout the dining area. The JC Box was then transformed into a fashion runway to showcase the Kent & Curwen Spring/Summer 2012 collection and the special Olympic Capsule Collection due to launch this summer. In between races, guests were invited to take their photos in a purple colored iconic English telephone box on the balcony where their pictures were used to create a unique personalized mug as a souvenir to commemorate this special event.

The air was crisp and the spirits were high as the races continued throughout the afternoon. The climax of the event came at half past four in the afternoon when Race 8 – “The Kent & Curwen Centenary Spirit Cup” - began. With the presentation of the much-coveted “Kent & Curwen Centenary Sprint Cup”, the prestigious social event drew to a close, creating memories of a unique experience to be shared through the years ahead.