Our approach to sustainability

Trinity establishes sustainability goals as an integral part of our business. These are relevant and long term goals that span different parts of our operations including retail, logistics and product development/sourcing, and contribute to sustained growth.  We embrace sustainability as one of our corporate values and take a responsible stance with regard to the environment, community and employees. We are committed to develop and implement sustainability initiatives to systematically reduce our negative impact to the environment and society

Sustainability Journey

Our businesses have been managed responsibly with respect to the environment. Our journey began with the introduction of green initiatives to reduce the usage of paper, water and energy, which lead us to formalizing a culture of strategizing sustainable business practices – in 2009, we formed a team of Sustainability Ambassadors (SmaRt Team) comprised of employees from different operations, and spanning different regions. Our SmaRt Team is an important resource for achieving success in our sustainability drive, and is instrumental in raising awareness, educating, and engaging fellow employees to boost levels of participation in our sustainability initiatives.


We recognize the risks posed by climate change. In response, we have commenced systematically tracking and managing our carbon emissions footprint of key operational areas before setting achievable reduction targets.  Taking a step-by-step approach, we established environmental guidelines and we started using more environmental friendly transportation channels for the deliveries of our products.  Sourcing of fabrics and production is also done responsibly when mills are evaluated to ensure that they follow environmental efficient production standards with International Accreditations (Oeko-tec 100, ISO 9001-2000, or SA8000).  Production suppliers are reviewed based on the Group’s Code of Conduct for suppliers setting out our baseline expectations.  The Code sets the standards for compliance with local and international regulations including the International Organization’s core conventions. 

In 2010, we formally pledged with WWF against shark fin consumption and have put in place a monitoring mechanism to ensure that no shark fin is consumed for business entertainment.  This is just one example of the commitment we make to the environment.


As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we encourage our employees to engage in community service activities organized by the Group with organizations such as Friends of the Earth, WWF, World Vision and Humanity of Habitat etc or authorized days off granted by a newly instigated Community Service Leave policy for personal charitable/voluntary activities. 


Human Capital is important to our success and we have a framework in place to develop and train our employees to ensure a high level of engagement and strategic alignment.  Respect is one of our eight corporate values, which provides high level guidelines for proper behavior towards one another.   Apart from training and developing our people, their health and safety is of utmost importance to Trinity.  In February 2012, we established an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management committee and regional working committees to ensure that our OHS policies are being implemented properly throughout our operations. 

UN Global Compact

As part of the Fung Group, we became a member of the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) in 2010, and we are committed to its ten principles covering human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.  We address environment and anti-corruption by formalizing policies, communicating them through our intranet and taking steps to ensure implementation. We are committed to uphold the international Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work throughout our operations and play our part to support the UN Declaration of Human Rights as a necessary foundation for social development and economic progress.   In 2011, we informed our mills that we do not tolerate the use of Uzbek cotton and will cease buying fabrics from mills that are found to have used this source.


In 2011, we participated in the Reputex sustainability evaluation covering Environmental Impact, Workplace Practices, Corporate Governance and Social Impact, and we were successful in attaining membership in the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index for which we are humbled yet proud to be in the company of 68 other worthy organizations.  We recognize that there remain many sustainability challenges and there is much progress to be made.  We are committed to learn and continue with our Sustainability drive by implementing initiatives embedded in our three year plans, internally and with our partners.