,  |  1 August 2016

Kent & Curwen Autumn/Winter 2016: A Starring Role

Admired by men and desired by women, the movies’ most iconic leading men have long been an inspiration for the fashion-conscious gentleman. Inspired by modern film icons, premium British menswear brand
Kent & Curwen’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection sets the stage for a season in which every man takes a stylish starring role.
Drawing inspiration from the silver screen, the new collection pays homage to the effortless charisma of legendary leading men through three distinct moods. Running the gamut from modern urban sophistication to rugged country style to versatile pieces that combine exceptional functionality with classic elegance, the eclectic collection brings a touch of movie star glamour to every man’s wardrobe. 
Urban Luxe
For the modern man, the ability to transition from day to evening, and from casual to formal, is a must; the new collection offers a metropolitan look designed to adapt to the fast-changing city lifestyle. Anchored in a moody palette of black, navy blue and shades of heather grey, accented with bold hints of dark purple and neon pink, it’s a look that – like all great movie stars – is both of the now and utterly timeless.
With its heavy zips and classic silhouette, the lambskin leather biker jacket is the epitome of rebellious elegance. Wear it with five-pocket jeans featuring a hint of stretch and a grey Italian yarn mouliné scarf with black stripe in 100% merino wool to complete the look. For a sportier feel, combine the lightweight running jacket in striking purple with navy camo printed sweatpants and the season’s essential polo shirt. Last but not least, the striped poly blazer, which doubles as a modern blouson, is a chic wardrobe staple for the man on the go. Pair it with a purple merino sweater and classic pinpoint oxford shirt with mouliné rib collar for a perfect snapshot of urban cool.
Country Cool
Drawing on Kent & Curwen’s British heritage, it presents a look engineered to complement a rugged outdoor setting. Featuring hues of navy blue, black, olive green and this season’s hot “pop camo” print in neon green, it’s the perfect modern expression of the classic country style.
Highlights of this look include a versatile dark olive green field jacket that pairs perfectly with a double-pocket denim shirt in raw indigo, and a neon “pop-camo” puffer jacket with detachable hood, zip pockets and water-resistant finishing. For a cool yet casual expression of the country vibe, the punch-hole baseball jacket with a layer of laser-cut black poly over a neon green lining is just the ticket; set it off with autumn’s signature T-shirt featuring Kent & Curwen’s Three Lions motif in an abstract camouflage print or a classic commando sweater made with Thermocool™ yarn to regulate body temperature.
Modern Classics
Kent & Curwen draws the curtain down on the season with a selection of elegant modern classics that are always in the spotlight. Drawing principally from a sophisticated palette of black, chocolate brown and heather grey, the collection combines classic British tailoring with a touch of movie star élan to create wardrobe staples with a timeless edge.
Outerwear is the star of the show here, as demonstrated by the plaid wool jacket with lambskin leather sleeves and pockets and a shearling collar, which pairs perfectly with wool dress trousers in classic black and a fine gauge cashmere sweater in mouliné blue. Paying homage to a naval classic, the double-breasted pea coat in warm black wool with leather shoulder detailing combines with a button-up chunky high-necked sweater to create the perfect storm. There’s an all-star cameo from Kent & Curwen’s reversible dark chocolate shearling jacket, irresistible paired with a cricket collar shirt in dark gold, while the quilted houndstooth bomber offers the perfect blend of seasonal functionality and movie star charisma.
As a leading light for the season, Kent & Curwen’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is the perfect portrayal of gentlemanly grace and elegance, and the ultimate expression of casual sophistication for the man who always makes a memorable entrance.