,  |  7 January 2018

Kent & Curwen unveils “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician” A special collaboration for Autumn / Winter 2018 with photographer Perry Ogden

British menswear brand Kent & Curwen celebrates the launch of their latest collection through a collaboration with award winning photographer and filmmaker Perry Ogden. Daniel Kearns, the brand’s creative director enlisted the help of Ogden to produce a short film and series of portraits to capture the mood of the season. Evoking the eclectic heritage of the venerable British label that has touched the lives of sportsmen, aristocrats and celebrities since the 1920’s the project is titled ‘The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician’.
The images focus on real men and the rituals and routines that each perform before undertaking their chosen discipline. As a social documenter / commentator and a fashion photographer and filmmaker, Ogden cast real boxers, artists and musicians for the project. Characters were drawn from the British sporting institutions like the Repton Boxing gym in Bethnal Green, the arts colleges of London that nurtured the talent of Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and Frank Auerbach and from our band who are emerging in London’s Indie scene.
‘I saw it as such a natural fit to work with Perry for this season.’ says Kearns. ‘As a master of documenting British culture he is the perfect person to capture the evolution of Kent & Curwen. There is an honesty and a toughness in his work that resonates strongly with what we stand for.’
A gallery show featuring 34 individual and group portraits will be on display at 15 Floral Street whilst 17 Floral Street will become a pop up screening room to show the accompanying short film. The two venues will be open to the public on 8th / 9th January 2018 and are located just a few doors down from Kent & Curwen’s flagship store.
Shot on Super 8, with particular attention to the idea of ‘preparation’, the film and accompanying soundscape follows the artist, the boxer and the musician, as they undertake their ritualistic preparation before a bout, before starting a work of art, or before a performance.
“I’ve always respected Perry’s work and he really has captured the essence of the brand in a powerful way” said Kent & Curwen partner David Beckham. “The idea of preparation strikes a chord with me personally as that has always been a key characteristic of my career – and Perry has managed to capture those moments in his brilliant film”.
“It’s been a great experience working with the team at Kent and Curwen and especially with the creative director, Daniel Kearns. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating a new way of showcasing the collection, and photographing the clothes on people from all walks of life including artists, models, musicians, boxers and footballers” says Perry Ogden.  “In my work I always seek to mix the real world with the aspirational world of fashion. And this Kent & Curwen collection – with its blend of old school British and the now – lends itself perfectly to this approach.”
Perry Ogden
Perry Ogden is a photographer and filmmaker who was born in Shropshire, England, grew up in London and since 1994 has been based in Dublin, Ireland. His photographs have appeared in magazines worldwide including Italian Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, W, the Face and Arena. He has shot advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Replay and Calvin Klein.
His iconic portraits of the Irish travelling community PONY KIDS were published by Jonathan Cape/Aperture in 1999 and remain an iconic and relevant cultural reference.
Perry Ogden’s photographs of Francis Bacon’s studio, 7 REECE MEWS, were published by Thames and Hudson in 2001 and exhibited widely at galleries and museums including The Hugh Lane in Dublin, the Fondation Beyeler in Basle and the Fondation van Gogh in Arles. His first film PAVEE LACKEEN (The Traveller Girl) (2005) won numerous awards around the world including the Satyajit Ray award for Best First Film at the London Film Festival and the Irish Film & Television Award for Best Film.
Repton Sporting Club 
The Repton Boys Club is the most famous amateur boxing club in Britain. It was founded in 1884 by Repton College in Derbyshire as an east London mission for the underprivileged boys of Bethnal Green and surrounding areas and, until 1971, when Repton College withdrew its support, was part youth club, part boxing club. Since then, it has been run as a boxing club, pure and simple. It has bred champions and was a second home to the Krays, but Repton amateur boxing club has been a place primarily where young men have found purpose and self-respect.
David Beckham
Renonwed Chinese Actor, Hu Bing
Photos of the project “The Boxer, The Artist and The Musician” for AW18 Kent & Curwen collection
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