Core Values at Trinity
Respect for people is one of Trinity’s core values: In our workplaces, we want to ensure that every person, whether customer, employee, business partner or other member of the community, receives respect and dignified treatment. Recognising that top performance from our people is essential to our success, we support holistic development of our employees and invest in safeguarding their well-being. We also believe that part of caring for ourselves is taking time out to care for others who are in need. We support and encourage our staff to participate in regular community service and fundraising activities.

Employment Policy and Labour Practice
Trinity’s policy is to comply fully with local labour laws in jurisdictions where we operate. Where colleagues are not directly employed by the Group, as may be the case in the Chinese Mainland, our agents are required to comply fully with national labour laws.

Trinity’s Staff Handbook is applicable to all employees of the Group, as well as consultants, contractors and agency staff working within the Group. It sets forth policies on all aspects of employment.

Training and Development
Cultivating our highly skilled workforce and supporting employees’ long-term career goals is integral to sustaining and strengthening our economic performance. Our Study Sponsorship Policy encourages staff to build upon their existing skills by granting sponsorship to support external job-related training and studies.

Our framework for Total Service Management was developed in 2010, after having run customer service training for two years, to ensure that all frontline sales staff in Greater China receives customer service, sales and product training. Management skills and self-motivational skills are also taught to ensure that our colleagues are equipped to take on the challenges of a dynamic marketplace.

Healthy and Safe Workplace
We believe that a healthy and happy workforce creates a positive and productive work environment. We promote staff well-being and work-life balance through awareness-raising activities and events. We hold regular talks for staff on various topics related to health and well-being.

In 2012, we established an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management committee and regional working committees to ensure that our OHS policies are fully implemented throughout our operations.

Work-Life Balance
In 2014, we launched a dedicated Employee Assistance and Counselling Programme (“EAP”) to improve productivity at work and quality of life of our employees in partnership with a well-established external consultancy firm. The EAP publishes regular newsletters offering tips on work-life balance and mental health. Staff wellness workshops are organized through EAP, and it also provides all colleagues with access to round-the-clock telephone counselling for staff. Professional counsellors are available to assist staff members with issues relating to mental health and work, family and personal stress.

Giving Back

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Trinity has been awarded The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) “Caring Company” logo since 2009. We support our NGO partners through staff volunteering, campaigns and donations. To encourage our people to engage in community, we offer full pay for up to two days away from work based on our Community Service Leave Policy for personal charitable or voluntary activities in Hong Kong.