Sustainability Strategy
Trinity recognises its social responsibility and embraces sustainability as one of our corporate values. With our business ethics as a core value, our sustainability practices are focused across three cornerstones of our operations: People and Community, Environment and Supply Chain Management. Sustainability practices are embedded into our operations to continually improve our impact to the environment and to build a healthy and safe workspace for our staff.

Our Approach
The key elements of Trinity’s approach to sustainability are to uphold high ethical standards, to respect people and act with care for their well-being, and to mitigate harm to the environment. To fully engage our colleagues, we formed a SmaRt (Sustainability Management in Achieving Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Targets) team in Hong Kong in 2009, and nominated SmaRt ambassadors in other regions for more extensive engagement. Our SmaRt team is instrumental in educating and engaging Trinity on all areas of our sustainability drive to improve our environmental performance and mobilize teams to participate in different social and wellness activities.